Posted by: Ramesha JS | April 15, 2008

THENNAGUR on New Year Day

On the eve of New Year day (13.04.2k8) i had visited some temples around Kanchipuram . Vandavasi, Uttiramerur. Thanks for the details of Temple and route map provided by. Mr.Raju

  Its Sunday, woke up at early morning 3.30 Am and get prepared for the trip. I initially taught that reach chengalpattu and then catch the bus, Parked my vehicle at Guindy station, but at station counter was closed and as train arrived I got in and went till Tambram. SETC T.C didn’t provided the proper info and make me to enter Kanchipuram bus, realizing this will not go to vandavasi I get down immediately. Any way after waiting for 20 min I got the bus, It came with full load, As bus stat moving at 5.15 driver put on the FM. Beautiful devotional songs switching over to one channel to another driver was enjoying his driving. Till Uttira Merur I didn’t find difficult in standing as listening to songs. After wards driver asked me to sit on engine bonnet. Had in between talk with him, finally told him to stop at Thennagur (7.15) and he obliged.

It’s a small walk from main road to temple. Near by shop I went to purchase bananas to feed the cows in goshala. At that time a dog came limping I given some biscuits and he ate happily and went off. On the way taken some photos, old houses, beautiful kollam’s (correct me if I am wrong) in front of houses and finally reached the temple.

First visited Thennagur Panduaranga Rukumayee temple. As the crowd was more I decided to visit other temples nearby.

First went to Goshala very well maintained by guruji. I feed the cows giving the bananas, but it was very less. Because around 40 cows are there. Next opposite side of goshala there is Lakshmi Narayana Temple, very few yards Sri Meenakshi Sundareshwar temple and at GA Trust Mutt and Bruindhavan of Late Guruji opposite to Pandurangan temple. When I entered Aarathi was going on in presence of guruji, A Small crows singing the bhajans. Later Panchanga Shravan conducted in mutt. Had the prasadam and some photo shoot….


Click above link to see some snaps on THENNAGUR temple

New Year day special lord Panduaranga Rukumayee was decorated with all type of fruits, (Paza Alankaram) giving Vishwaroopa Darshanam as Guruvayurappan with goddess. This is the special Alankaram done only on New Year day. Other day’s different alankarams will be done to Panduaranga. There are no words to explain the beauty of lord as one has to see and feel, area was so calm and neat, all fruits are neatly decorated around the foot of lord and priest asked every one the sit and made the archan in the name of lord, praying for the mass. They told on the new year day individually they will not make archana. Very clearly, slowly, loudly he explains about the temple and lord Pandurangan. The Fiber glass paintings on the walls are amazing and totally in one word to say one will fell the presence in Vikuntam.


Travel Tip: From Chennai take route no 104 or 148 from CMBT or catch at Tambram. Only request stop they will not stop at Thennagur. These buses go towards VANDAVASI, POLUR. After Uttira Merur bus will take left turn at Vandavasi-Kanchipuram road, from there after 15 min drive u can see temple on the right side, its 6 km before Vandavasi. On the main road GA Trust (Gnananandha Trust) board is there. Get down and walk 10 Min maximum.

Continued……Next: – UTTIRA MERUR………..

-Photos & Writeup © Ramesha J S


  1. beautiful pictures thank u i want some pictures in temples

  2. Dear Ramesh,

    Realy grate…


  3. hi, thanks for the greate info. please post more information about our temples and route. really valuable blogs. can you please mark the temples in the This mayl be more useful for NRIs.

  4. Good job… keep going… all the best…i especially liked your narration on sunambedu…

  5. Hi Ramesh,
    It’s a nice start. Go ahead and give useful information to the devotees. All the best.

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