Posted by: Ramesha JS | August 15, 2010

To Shivanasamudra(Bluff) on Wheels

An lazy Friday afternoon @ lunch proposed to dive out of city.  I and my two colleagues confirmed for drive.  Lohith called his cousin and confirmed his participation. Waking and Picking up Dhaval was my responsibility.   Destination SHIVANA SAMUDRA the famous GaganaChukki and Bharachukki Falls . The Mighty river Cauvery across her journey creates these wonderful nature before reaches her destiny at Poompuhar Bay of Bengal.

The meeting place decided was  NICE Road Junction Kengeri on Mysore road. Morning picked up Dhaval from Banashankari and proceed on Kanakapura road – Entered NICE Road. Pay the tool  and my Access125 Picked up on the nice  NICE road at 80kmph.  At Mysore road exit Lohit and his cousin were waiting for us. I got a new photo partner Supreeth who is also very interesting in photography.  A small introduction, photo session, get ready – steady – start.

Our first halt at Hanuman Temple near Ramanagra.  Then here onwards vehicles got  speedup till Maddur.  We planned to have a breakfast at Vasudev Adigas but being Saturday  or whole Bangalore was already settled there. We couldn’t wait for such long time. At the Maddur entry Honda halted by puncture. Fortunately or dramatically it happened in-front of Puncture  shop !!.  Puncherwala punctured Lohiths pocket by changing  tube with high price. No other go on Highways.

At Maddur – Kollegala  junction we entered  the Maddur famous Benne Dosa Hotel. Its a small road side hotel with the fame of few Kannada actors tasted here.  Sri Chowdeshwari Phalahara Mandira,  Morning crowd was already waiting for there turn at outside.  Hot dosa was serving  inside and no one was in mood to get out of there. After 30 mins of wait our turn came and had belly full of dosa. What a taste. Dont miss when u travell on Mysore Highway.,

Until here our ride was smooth on Mysore double road highway. Now  @ maddur take deviation to left towards MM Hills Road.  Once you enter the MM Hills road u need to negotiate with road pits and humps. Literally there is no road at all.  Night ride for two wheelers on this road is very difficult.  Now we are in the mid of villages .  Enjoying the nature beauty,  Paddy fields, Sugar Cane crops beside the roads, lakes, Coconut plantations…wow really wonderful. Need this type of break at-least once in a month.,

By the time we passed the Malavalli town and ahead to SS. On the road i stopped  nearby stream sawing the Baya Weaver Bird nests on the tree. Its always amazing to know how these little birds build the nests  perfectly.  What a architect by little Baya Weaver Birds. In city you cannot find these birds and there nests.  They were very active  in constructing there houses. I waited for some time and able to capture there activities.

By 11.15 we reached the main point. First visited GaganaChukki Falls. On the main road take left turn, Big arch of SHIVA HYDRO ELECTRIC PROJECT welcomes you. Travel next 5kms crossing hydro electric project, quarters, Banyan tree and pay the tool for parking (even though no one cares for your vehicle). Only one police PC is available. At the end of that road you will land-up in front of the gigantic GAGANA CHUKKI FALLS. This side is called the Guest house point view.

From here we left to Bhara Chukki Falls another branch of Cauvery River  which is 10 kms from here. Before that we wanted to have some time in water and needed a peaceful place.  And On the way to Bhara Chukki Falls take a left turn and there is a Darga where we can have  another view of Gagana Chukki Falls.   On the way to BC falls which falls in ChamarajaNagar dist Big bridge welcomes you. At the end of the bridge you will see the National High way. Take left and little further left again. Don’t get confuse at this junction.  The bridge view is very beautiful and there are many water birds found. This bridge has a warning board stating Bridge is weak Go slow. What a shame. The modern India architects-Bureaucratic-Politicians least bothered about  public life and Public money. Crossing this bridge and when u take U turn on the next junction towards Bhara chukki Falls there is another same story of modern bridge and age old STONE BRIDGE still shinning. Hats off to Royal Architects of pre Independence.

Next visited Shivana Samudra village. It has two beautiful things. One is the check-dam across river Cauvery and an ancient very important Srivishnava  Rang anatha Swamy temple,   At the Check Dam we have the bath and good time at water. But rain didn’t allow us to stay long time.

SHREE JAGANMOHANA RANGANATHASWAMY TEMPLE Popularly known as MADHYA RANGA. it is a practice that one  has to visit all the three Ranganatha Temples in a day. Adi Ranga @ Sriranga Patna near Mysore , Madhya Ranga @ ShivanaSamudra and Anthya Ranga @ Tiruchi Tamil nadu where the River Cauvery touches the lotus feet of  Lord Ranganatha and moves further in all the three places.

There is another ancient temple near Ranganatha swami temple is SRI PRASANNA MEENAKSHI SAMEETHA SRI SOMESHWARA TEMPLE.

Both temples are worshiped by same priest. His house is opp to lane to Ranganatha temple.  If temple is locked you can contact priest at his home.

From this village we went to view the Gagana Chukki Falls Darga View. On the same to Bhara Chukki take the left turn for Darga. Here you can climb down to falls and have a close look.

From here went to the last destination point Bhara Chukki Falls. Its around 4 to 5 kms from here. Here there is a boating facility at the bottom of the falls.  Age old  stone steps are there to reach the falls end.  You can have a beautiful view of the water falling from the heights.

At last a day long happiness came to end and time to turn our vehicles back to city. As time up couldn’t go to Talkadu.  From afternoon belly’s were @ hunger strike and desperately needed some energy.   At Malavalli had the break fast and warm up coffee at Maddur Vasudeva Adigas Hotel. Reached Bangalore by 10.30 _Pm.

(c)Ramesha JS

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