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Visit to Kadukkalaoor Sri Adikeshava Perumal Devasthanam

Travel Date: 19.04.2008

Last week in JAYA TV –daily morning Arul Neram programme they had telecast a temple called Adikeshava Perumal devasthanam and adjacent to it an Shiva temple at Kadukkaloor via sunambedu. As i just noted the temple name and place later  I searched the internet about this temple and no way able to find the temple, but after searching with various options found this place may be in and around Cheeyur, Near to Pondy (Don’t confuse with Cheyar (Thiruveti Puram) near Thiruvannamalai) infact there also 3 temples (Vishnu, Shiva and Murugan) belonging to 11th century during the time of Veera Rajendra Chola and Kulothungan-III are there. With these points I concluded that nearest point is Madhuranrtakam.


Reached Madhuranrtakam by train around 8.45 am. In front of the Railway station I saw temple with huge tank and went inside for darshanam. That is a century’s old Lord Shiva temple. Shiva here as Swetaranyeswarar.

“This temple has several inscriptions from the Chola period. Its foundation goes back to the period of Parantaka Chola I (early 10th century). It was re-constructed during the period of Kulottunga I (1075-1120) , and its second prakaram was added during the period of Kulottunga II. (Ref: templenet).”

I met a devotee inside the temple and enquired about the Kadukkaloor temple and he has the details. Told to catch the bus which goes via Cheeyur to Marakkanam. And also given drop till Kodanda rama swamy temple the famous Eri Kaatta Ramar ( One who saved the lake of Madhurantakam) . I had the darshanam of Lord Rama and visited the Anjaneyar temple opposite to it.

 “The name Eri Kaatta Ramar arises from the following legend. A British collector in early nineteenth century is said to have witnessed the spectacle of Rama and Lakshmana protecting the Madhuranrtakam reservoir when the reservoir was in danger of breaking and flooding the entire region. In acknowledgement, this collector is said to have renovated the Thayar (Sita) shrine in the temple. His contribution is acknowledged in inscriptions seen in the shrine.

The Temple has a five tiered Rajagopuram and three circumambulatory passages and separate shrines to Kodandarama, Janakavalli (Sita), Lakshmi Narasimha, Aandaal.

History: This ancient temple is said to have been in existence prior to the reign of Rajaraja Chola. The town of Madhurantakam (Madhurantaka Chaturvedi Mangalam) was created by Parantaka I (as in the case of Veeranarayanapuram or Kattumannargudi). The irrigation tank nearby is also attributed to him. Inscriptions refer to Rama as Ayodhya Perumaal.

This temple, although from the period of the later Cholas, was renovated at a later date.”

(Ref TempleNet)

When reached bus stand, while enquiring the bus timings a gentleman told me to reach SUNMBEDU or locally call as CHUNAMPET also. And from there to catch an auto to temple. I got a bus and after 45 min journey till Sunambedu and rest 20 min on a humpy bumpy road by Auto to this remote village. By 11.20 I was in front of the temple. There were another family also visited this temple on seeing at Jaya TV.


Kadukkalaoor Sri Adikeshava Perumal Devasthanam

 Click above to have a look of all  temples photos-Ramesh


When entered the temple Sri Manivanna Battachariyar (Sri Sudharshna Upasa Ratnam, Sri Vikasan Sasthra Praveena) at the age 75 was supervising the ongoing renovation of the temple. Hey asked my whereabouts and told his son to take him to the house. When i told its ok perivar told to folow the Grama Sampradayam.  Went inside the house they gave water and a cup of coffee. I was very much relaxed.  I just wonder  their caring for visitors to temple in this remote village.  The another team also having his Athiti satkaram in his house already. As pooja was underway and naivedhyam was offering to all gods they asked to sit and wait till aarathi.  Really one need to appriciate them for the way they follow the temple rituals. Being weekend only 5 of them were in temple. Usally there will be no visitors reqularly. But seva to lord continues without any error.

  This a very beautiful temple with gigantic Adikeshava Perumal with Thayar decorated up to the level. Sanctum sanctorum was big and beautiful. Inside the prakaram false ceiling a beautiful 12 rashis has been painted. Animals are carved on the false ceiling (Tortoise, Snake, Monkey, elephant etc.,) Temple tank also very huge and full of water. Uthsava murthies of Garudan, Anjaneyar, Horse, and Elephant are very nice.

 While talking with bhattachariyar about the temple told it’s around more than 400 year old, and this is 7th generation. Lots of temple renovation happening, they have received the wooden log for the Dhwaja Stamba. Yet to be carved and erected. Following are the few list of renovation activity underway and needed the help of all devotees for completion of these works.

·    Perumal, Thayar, Andal, Garudan Vimanam renovation Kainkaryam

·    Sudarsana azhvar Sannidhi and Yaga shala Kainkaryam

·    Hanumar Sannidhi and Vimana renovation Kainkaryam

·    Dhwaja Stamba Nirmana and Kavacha Kainkaryam

·    Sannidhi well renovation Kainkaryam

·    Interior decoration of swami Sannidhi

·    Vastra koodam Kainkaryam

Moolavr: Aadi Keshava Perumal

Thayar : Ambujavalli

Pushkarani : Aadi Pushkarani

Vimanam : Aadi Vimanam

 CONTACT : Sri. S. Manivanna Battachariyar

Parampari Archaka Mirasusthanikam

Sri Ambujavalli Sametha Sri Adikesava Perumal Devasthanam

Kadukkaloor Post, Kanchipuram Dist. Tamil Nadu-603401

Ph: 27545768, 9865314072.

 After having Aarathi, prasadam left to adjacent SHIVA temple.



This is also a centuries old Shiva temple. As the temple was not in good condition and became very old in 1995 they brought down the entire temple and reconstructed back. Very nice temple with Gopuram, Separate Sannidhi for Thayar and in front of the temple Nandi looks very beautiful and it also having a small Gopuram and surroundings are carved with different styles of Nandikeshwara. And there is a separate shrine for Navagrahas.

By 01pm reach back to sunambedu and catch the direct bus to Tambaram, Reached by 3pm.

 Travel Note: There are 2 ways to reach Kadukkaloor.

  • Travel on ECR road till KADAPAKKAM around 70Km, buses from Chennai to Pondy on ECR having a stop there. From there this place is 10 kms on the right side towards, Sunambedu. Auto will take 80 Rs. one way.
      • From Chennai private busses (Bharathi travels) towards MARAKKANAM via Madhuranrtakam, Sunambedu. Get down at Sunambedu and take an auto approx 8 kms. They will ask 60 Rs one way. I gave 100/- to and fro.


  1. great photos with use ful infos ppls let me know were is anandan near walajapet

  2. Ramesh,
    What I liked in your writeups is the fact that you are covering temples which are not known to many. If you can correct all the problems relating to photos, it would be very nice.

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