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Visit to Kukke; Dharmasthala & Sringeri Temples

I had been to Kukke Sri Subramanya, Dharmasthla Sri Manjunatheshwara and Sringeri Sharadambal Temples with my family members.dsc02678

At all the places had the peaceful darshanam of God and Goddess . Being the month of Jan all temples were floating with Ayyapa devoties every where. Atmosphere was very good and chilling. For Chennaities these weather is not tolarable atleast for me…

Left Bangalore on Satuarday night and reached Kukke Subramanya in the early morning by 5.15pm. By that time already temple streets were filled by devoties, chatrams were full and neatness were vanished away. People visiting the temples doesnt have the civic sense spoiling the temple atmosphere. Spitting every where, Public toilet of chatram seems to be cleaned long back, even holy river Kumara Dhara and stream inside the temple along the Aadi Subramnya look like the drainage. Sun RaysGod only has to save his place. We went to river for bath, there also the same thing. No proper arrangements for bathing on the river bank, Not enough light, rooms for changing the cloths, toilets without lite and cleanness. Oh god ………keeping aside all these keeping the holyness of the river in mind had bath in Kumara Dhara in the chilling weather. After two dips temparature was normal.


After having the breakfast left to Sri kshetra Dharmasthala Manjunatha Temple.

Sarpa Samskara Mahithi

Had the darshan of Lord subramanya and left to Aadi Subramanya the origin place of this sacred place nearby.

Dharmasthala Entrance

By noon we have reached the Dharmasthala and there also it was very crowd as all the Ayyappa devotes gathered there. We got the room to stay at “VAISHALI” rest room. In Dharmasthala everything look clean, systematic and one can feel…all the efforts by present dharmadhikari Sri Veerendra Heggade. Words are not enough to explain the history and works by Heggade family. visit the below temple official website for more details.



“People in front of Sri Dharmaasthala Manjunateshwara Temple”

Night we had the darshan of Lord Manjunateshwara and took the prasadam at Annapurna dining hall of temple.

An view of Park @ Dharmasthala

Early morning we left for another sacred place Sringeri Sharadamba temple, Sringeri.

There is no direct bus from Dharmasthala to Sringeri. One has to change the three buses to reach the 125 km distance. by 10 am reached the temple. Present at temple main entrance a very big Gopuram construction has begin and the entrance is from behind the administrative office.


Went to Tunga river freshen ourself s and visited the Chandra mouleshwara temple. dsc02909dsc03006


Temple an outstanding architecture. Sculptures look lively. It is a Photographers paradise. Next visited all the temples in the premises and went to Sharadambal’s darshan. Two eyes are not enough to see the Ammas beauty , you have to open inner eyes to see her. We have to salute Sri Aadi Shakaracharyas vision to establish the Sharadamba Peetam here. In the evening we went to Narashimha Vana where the previous Jagadgurus Samdhi, Guru’s residence, Prayer hall, Deer park, Temple elephants are located. Present Pontiff Sri Sri Bharati Tirtha Mahaswamigal gives darshan to devotees every day when they are in Sringeri. We had his darshan and prasadam from his hands and returned to Sharadambal temple again. Night once again had the darshan and had the prasadam at temple and left to Bangalore on the same night. More Information on Sringeri is available on the temple official website –

Travel Information :.

Dharmasthala and Kukke Subramanya.

-> From Chennai take Mangalore Express and alight at Mangalore Railway station. From State Bank bustand frequent KSRTC buses ply between Mangalore and Dharmasthala. 100 KM. Dharmasthala to Kukke Subramany is 45km and buses are thre. Travel time 1 – 1/2 hr. People visiting from Bangalore having direct buses from Kempegowda Bus Terminus (Majestic) to Kukke Subramanya or Dharmasthala directly. Even Train is available for Kukke Subramanya it is on Mangalore – Bangalore Railway line.

-> For Sringeri from Dharmasthala buses going towards Chickamagalore, Shimoga, Hubli..will give stop at KOTTIGEHARA get down here and catch the bus to BALEHONNUR and from there buses available to Sringeri. Plan to reach Sringeri within evening as temple rooms may not available in the night and festival seasons. Sringeri to Bangalore direct buses are available and towards Chennai catch the bus towards Mangalore direct buses available from Sringeri and from Mangalore Catch the train to Chennai.

Dharmasthala to Kottigehara is 48 Kms – Kottegehara to Balehonnur is 37 Kms and Balehonnur to Sringeri is40 Kms.

Near By places form Sringeri—> Horanadu Sri Annapoorneshwari, Kalasa, Kollur Mookambike.

© Photos N write up Ramesha JS

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  1. my godess place

  2. Thanks a lot for the infn furnished about dharmasthala,sringeri etc.I think when you go along with grand father etc it is advisable to go to udupi from Dharmasthala via Mangalore,stay there for a day at udupi and then catch the bus to Sringeri from Udupi(80kms).

  3. Thanks a lot Ramesh.. I believe eveybody must share their experience like this so that others will be able to make the right choice when planning a trip to places they ve never been before…

  4. Thanks a lot Ramesh.. I think everyone should share their experience lik this so that it wil be useful for others to make the right decisions while planning a trip to a place where they’ve not been before..


  6. I want Go Dharmastala and Kukke but first which one i have to visit.(according to jotishya)

  7. I want to know how to go from bglore to dharmastala,horanadu,sringeri,kukke,and nearest places of dharmastala within two days i have to finish. Please give us an shortest path.Please provide as asap


    Thanks in advance

  8. I want to know how to go from bangalore to dharmastala,horanadu,sringeri,kukke,and nearest places of dharmastala within two days i have to finish. Please give us an shortest path….
    can you give info asap it will b very helpful to us
    thanks in advance

  9. Its really very helpful information…. Thanks a lot for sharing the information.

  10. Thank you very much for giving the good information.

  11. dobut that shirnkari outstanding all aspect.

  12. I want to know how to go from huble to dharmastala,horanadu,sringeri,kukke,and nearest places of dharmastala within two days i have to finish. Please give us an shortest path


  13. thank you sir for the complete information on dharmasthala and near by places.

  14. hi at 4th of april we want to go dharmastala hornadu and kukke we have one day time we can cover this places pls suggest me how to make easy way

  15. I want to know how to go from huble to dharmastala,horanadu,sringeri,kukke,and nearest places of dharmastala within two days i have to finish.

    Pl advice

  16. […] Visit to Kukke; Dharmasthala & Sringeri Temples February 2009 27 comments 3 […]

  17. I have plans to go to Kukke this Decemeber end and the information provided by you is very detailed and has helped me plan my trip well. Thanks for the information.

  18. i want 2 know the various options available for travel between dharmastala -sringeri or kukke-sringeri ….i plan to leave kukke/dharmastala by 4-5 pm and reach sringeri by 7 pm…kindly advise me wrt diret buses and the approx cost if travelling by taxi…i have my grandparents travelling with me …so changing buses will be difficult

  19. Rameshji…Thank you for your valuable information regarding Dharmasthala& other temples

  20. nice information Thanks.

  21. Hi freind, you have given a nice information with photography this can be usefull for anybody who wish to visit these places…. Thank u.

  22. IS a very beautiful place& very noise photos.

  23. dear all,
    we are planning a trip to DK pilgirimage we will reach monday morning at subrhamanya please guide us for these derstinations
    since we have only monday to friday stay same day we are back to bangalore

    surahmanya to dharmasthal ok after wards we want to know
    which is very difficult because no proper buses for sringeri and horanadu

  24. Hi Jayaram..thanks for the info. now corrected…

  25. Nice imformation. But there must be a correction in “Travell Information”. Here you have written “Travell Infornation”. replace ” m” instead of ” n “

  26. Very good information & pictures. Thanks a lot.

  27. nice informations

  28. nice photos thanks to spl informations abt sarpa samskara pooja

  29. hai

  30. Dear Mr Ramesh,

    I am a native of Shringeri though settled in Bangalore for long now. I have visited the other two places too mentioned by you. Your posting is really good and informative. As far as your Kukke Subramanya’s experiance is concernred it is not the right picture. These Ayyappa devotees mess-up where ever they go and we see this every where, for most of them, it seems, go to Shabarimalai to get rid of the sin they do all over the year. Even the Bangalore Police Commissioner had said few years back that the crime rate comes drastically down during the two months when people go to Shabarimalai. Kukke will not match the serene beauty of Shringeri or immaculate management of Dharmastala but definitely far far better than what you have seen.

  31. And Ikkeri and Keladi are very nice places. If you further move along the way, you can visit Akka Mahadevi Temple and mallikarjuna temple at Udagani, Balligavi Temple. They are near shikaripura and Shiralikoppa in shimoga district.

  32. Baba Budangiri Datta Peetam, Sigandureshwari Temple, Agumbe Ghat are the places nearer to Horanadu ( Sri Anna Poorneshwari Temple ) and Sringeri ( Sharadambe).

    Also You can extend your journey to Varadahalli Sreedhar Matt and Jog Falls as well.

  33. Dear All, Sringeri is ancient Temple and beautiful palce. you can go around Varanadu also….

  34. manjunatha temple dharmasthala please send all the potos my email id


  36. fantastic places I visited them ten years back … we went here in bikes from Bangalore with my office friends (Sunrise Interative India Limited)

  37. Please tell me another places kukke around..,

  38. Extaordinary work Ram! Keep going… It is very useful who wants to visit these three places…………..

  39. very beautiful place

  40. Hi Ramesha , just read ur post . . found very informative and usefull . . Thanks

  41. Boss good photos, enjoying holidays like anything it seems. Suttu chennagi…amele time sigalla….Maja maadu.

  42. Very useful information with graphic photos

  43. hi dear brother very nice photography & good information about sarpadosha pariharam.

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