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Few points while obtaining Tatkal Passport @ Chennai RPO.

Every day hundred’s of people visit the Passport office and many of them found returning back because of not having the proper information. Even though officially year back they stopped accepting the manual application. No where it is documented and still you can download the forms (These can be submitted only at Dist. passport centers and Post offices). I would like to provide the details for those needed information on Tatkal passport.

APPLYING PASSPORT IS VIA “PASSPORT SEVA KENDRA” from SEPTEMBER 2o11. Go through the Press information below and login to the web site of PASSPORT SEVA KENDRA. Register your self on the web site and Fill the form Online. This is common for all the cities. Select CHENNAI. All the best.

Press Release
Passport Seva Project is being launched since
September 16th 2011 in three places viz

Nelson Manickam Road (Aminjikarai),

Saligramam (Vadapalani) and
Tambaram under Regional Passport Office, Chennai at the
following address:-

1. Passport Seva Kendra
Ground & First Floor,
No.1, Bhanumathi Ramakrishna Road,
Saligramam, (Vadapalani) Chennai – 600 093.

2. Passport Seva Kendra
First Floor, Navins Presidium,
No.103, Nelson Manickam Road,
Aminjikarai, Chennai – 600 029.

3. Passport Seva Kendra
Ground & First Floor,
Claret Complex, Old No.4a & 4b,
New No. 17& 19, Duraisamy Reddy St.
Tambaram, Chennai – 600 045.

The services offered under PSKs are fresh passport,
reissue and police clearance certificate (PCC). The services
like addition of spouse name, change of address, change in
name /date of birth /place of birth, ECNR Stamping would
fall under reissue category. New website for online
registration is which
would open from 16th September 2011. The Passport Seva
Kendras will entertain applicants with online appointments
only. The steps for submission of applications and
documents have been detailed in the above website.
The physical presence of applicant is mandatory for
submission of application at the PSK as the applicant’s
photograph and fingerprint biometric data will have to be
taken. Subsequently, the verification and granting of the
passport will be done in the PSK itself in the presence of
applicant. Appointments will be made available on a first
cum first serve basis with the three days lead time. For
example appointments for 19th, 20th and 21st September
will be opened on 16th September 2011. Appointments for
22nd September will open on 17th September and so on.
Applicants can track the status of their applications by
logging on to the above website or get any assistance by
calling the Toll free call centre number 1800-258-1800
which will be available to the public 24 hours a day. The
applicants who have applied for the Passport in the old
system should enquire through the existing system only.
For passport enquiry in the old system applicant can call
shastri bhavan office 044 28203591 28203593 28203594
-The End –

Tatkal Passport procedure in Chennai Passport Office.

Regional Passport Officer

Regional Passport Office

IInd Floor, Shastri Bhavan

26, Haddows Road

Chennai – 600 006

(C)Ramesha JS


  1. i want to apply passport, but i cant isee chennai option in online registration form . please tell me wat to do

  2. Hello Suma “Good Day”,
    For Passport ApplicationSubmission , the supporting documents may vary according to applicants profile. You can forward your details to our Email Id or call: at 09992055450 , so that we can advise you about supporting documents.
    Ashish Anand

  3. HI ALL,



  4. Contact for Passport Application Submisson & Appointments. We apply on the behalf of applicant & create appointments.Send Details at Email ID: or Call:09992055450

  5. i want to apply passport, but i cant see chennai option in online registration form . please tell me wat to do…..

  6. Contact for Online Passport,P.C.C. Application Submission & Appointment.Send Details or requirement at Email or Call:9992055450

  7. Hi! I’m applying for Tatkal in Chennai. But I am unable to find either ‘Chennai’ or ‘Chennai Tatkal’ in the ‘Passport Office (Select office)’ field. I found that others have also faced the same issue. Is this because the dates are full? If yes, how do we know when the dates will open up? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    My mail id is

  8. I’m trying to get tatkal appointment online ….but i’m always getting ” no slots are available” …when this slots are open and get fill?

  9. I applied for passport renewal. Passport was sent home. But I had to move to Mumbai. So when the police came for verification I was not present. The address on both old and renewed passport is the same.

    I’m planning to travel to Singapore. Will i face any problems? Some govt websites say police verification is not required for same address if passport is renewed within 4 years of expiry.

  10. Contact for Tatkaal Passport Application Submission & Appointments. Send Details at Eail or Call:09992055450

  11. Please check my blog. Details are updated. Passport web site has chanaged.

  12. Chennai options is not available in the website. .. Anyone has any update about how to apply for chennai Tatkal passport.. I need to reapply my passport.. it is getting exipired shortly… Thanks.

  13. Chennai option is not available under passport office column.

  14. Dear Ramesh,
    Thanks for this excellent blog, and also a big thanks to all the people who have commented here, giving various insights and keeping the information up to date.
    After reading through this blog i applied for passport ‘reissue’ by the normal way, and filed my application @Chennai RPO on 5-Sep-2011. Today i got my passport delivered to my home (after 2 and half months). Big relief !

    Thanks again. Ravi

  15. Hello Viren”Good Day”,
    For tatkaal passport application submission, Annexure-F & Annexure-I are mandatory. The sustitute for Annexure-F are 3 Photo ID Cards, but for supporting documents Final Authority PSK only.For Appointments, Formats & details of Annexure-F & I , you can contact :09992055450.

  16. Hi,

    Can any one confirm which documents are required for ‘TATKA’ passport chennai RPO?
    Is verification Certificate is must or can we submit any 3 documents out of 15?


  17. Hello Mr. Ramesh “Good Day”,
    As you mentioned the bad experience by your wife for Passport Submission & not getting the same.
    First Thing to be cleared that only correct applications are accepted at PSK, No fine (such as Rs.500) is to be collected at PSK for correction.
    If your wife & daughter had already submitted under Normal & having the File No. , then applicant can’t be able to submit under Tatkaal. As Official Fee is to Deposited cash by the applicant itself at PSK. Can you provide the File Nos. , Applicant Name & Date of Birth of Applicat to check the status?
    Regards ,

  18. My wife and daughter applied for the passport under the tatkal scheme on 13.10.2011 and waited till 30.10.2011. On 31.10.2011 my wife went to the passport office to know why the same is not issued it was informed that there is correction and for the correction she has to pay a fine of Rs.500/-. she was willing to pay the fine, but being lunch hour she was asked to wait. On her pleading they waived the fine and said that the passport will come the normal way. Still when the passport did not come she visited the passport office on 08.11.11 and against the same mistake and finally she had to pay the fine on 08.11.11 and they said that the passport will be issued. But till date she has not got the passport.
    What is the recourse, how do we get the passport by next week. She has tried all her best but was still unlucky till date. then why advertise that tatkal passport will be issued within 7 days. She hs paid the fee of Rs.2500/- as well.

    Kindly help as she has to come to Singpaore to join me by 18.12.2011

  19. Contact for Online Passport, P.C.C. Application Submission & Appointments.
    Call or SMS ur Email Id or Mobile No. at 09992055450.

  20. Can Anybody tell me how to find ‘chennai’ in the online registration??. I filled ALL my forms and went there at 5:30 AM to stand early in the queue but the people there told me that the Passport office does not accept the hard copied forms anymore. Please tell me what I must do to get a passport. I can’t submit hard copies nor can I find ‘CHENNAI’ in the damn list of offices for online registration!.

    any help would be appreciated.

  21. Hi,

    where can i get Annexure F form or verification letter for tatkal. please let me know anyone how can i get that letter. what is the procedure?

  22. I cannot find the chennai or chennai-tatkal rpo in the list?! Can anybody help me out??

  23. Hi im vignesh From chennai. I Have applied For Passport in Normal Scheme in Chennai and my Appointment date was On 11/07/2011. Police Verification done on 20-09-2011.But Still Now Passport Status is In Police Verification Not Received.My Passport receipt number Is MASB02547911. pls tell me when can i get my passport.


  24. Hi,

    I have applied for PCC. When I checked the status online it is showing “Police Report is adverse, a show-cause notice is being sent by Post”.
    I have the following queries:

    1) What does that mean?
    2) How to get your passport back?
    3) What to do with the show cause notice? How to proceed?

    Many thanks for the reply.

  25. Hi,
    When i went to passport office in NMM rd,chennai to apply for passport, they told me to get an appointment made from online, but there is no chennai is visible in the column provided for district or place. I went again and informed about the same, they told me to do registration during midnight ie 12-12.30, to do, please provide the information.

  26. I feel the online appointment system in passport seva is the height of stupidity. it sucks the valuable time of everyone trying in that. it does not show the appointment available count, always it shows “No Tatkaal appointment slots are available “, everyone need to try for 30 times for 2 weeks or more without knowing the availability, its so much a child game.

    I think the people who designed have no common sense and creativity.



  28. Even for me i am not able to see the Chennai location at all in the online registration. any Idea what happened.

  29. ya true chennai itself is not availble in list can any one help

  30. I am not able to register through online for chennai tatkal passport.
    Chennai office itself is not there in the passport office list. please help me.

  31. hi venkat,

    thanks for ur reply. We were about to enquire but we got our passport just two days ago.. though the status not updated yet in the portal:)


  32. hi, i have applied for passport in tatkal scheme on sep9th, my file no. starts wit MASK series, still i cudnt track my status, can any one help me

  33. @ satya : try calling the passport office & knw the present status

  34. hi

    I applied for passport online(normal course) for my 2 yr old baby on July 11 2011 @ chennai RPO.I have submitted the necessary documents too.But passport not despatched and no clue where to approach of y it’s getting delayed..Can anyone help – thanks

  35. Hi,

    I had applied for Tatkal reissue and because of my infrequent transactions in passbook (address proof), I was made to apply by normal mode. So, my application number got changed from MAT series to MAS series. It’s been two weeks since I submitted, but I am not able to track my status online.
    After how long will the status appear normally? Do I have to approach RPO? Please advise

  36. hi everyone !! i got my passport despatched my passport photo is little bit unclear.All Particulars are correct in my passport . but in back of the passport my father name was printed just below the column “Name of the Father” & just above “name of the mother “column i.e ., my fathers name was not printed exactly in Name of the father column…..likewise my mother & spouse name …… while printing they didnt keep the passport correct it seems .. the name of father ,mother, spouse are printed just below in their appropriate places … will it be a problem during immigration or else during travel ? what i need to do

  37. Guys please help me. i cant register through online for passport in chennai office. the chennai office option not showing in website. please help me. how to register for chennai.

  38. The post is really helpful… I got my passport, but my photo in it is blurred that others could not identify…. Is there any procedures to change it?

  39. @Veena: For sure it will create problems for you. they will send you adverse police verification letter to ur chennai address which would be very threatening when you read it. I have got it since i moved to Hyderabad and facing lot of problems. Go to Chennai RPO and re apply for police verification. It should be fine.

  40. :jawdrop: I’m speechless… I cannot begin to explain how structured this piece is. With this kind of crisp enjoyable content you can go far on online.

  41. hi, i applied for tatkal passport by mid of august and i got appointment on sep 8th but i was not aware of getting the cut off date, now i want to know whether i can go directly on sep8th or before that to get the cut off date, and i also wanted to know should go only on the given time or as you said by 5.30am…..please do let me know, please help me. its urgent

    BY,nisha. r
    ON,AUGUST 27th 2011

  42. Hi Sir i have got my passport (tatkal)from Chennai in MARCH 2011, but i have not undergone police verification as i shifted to Bangalore because of marriage after that police had come to my address in Chennai address where i was staying with my friends.but i never went back to Chennai and I have not undergone police verification,…… will it create any problem in the future,when i am going abroad, please reply what i can do, I am really worried.

  43. Hi:
    Require your help in giving me the direct link for online registration – renewal of Passport through Tatkal scheme. This is for Chennai location.
    I went through
    but i am getting the pdf file in MAS (not as MAT)

  44. hi friend,
    i have 3i identity proof.with annexure i.possible for tatkal

    ration card
    bank pass book
    pan card
    birth certificate
    obc certificate
    annexure i

    this proof are enough for tatkal

  45. Hi,

    Today i went to Chennai Passport office for tatkal passport, thy ask me to apply normal since i dnt have necessary address id proof, I have the below documents

    1. Ration Card
    2. Bank Pass Book (recently opened)
    3. Pan Card (don’t have form 16)
    4. Community Certificate
    5. Degree Certificate
    6. Affidavit

    I have checked with person sits outside the Passport office, they told me to bring Letter from IAS or IPS for address proof, Can you pls provide me the format of that letter, is it Annexure F?

    Can you pls help me?????


  46. @ alad joseph : why u mentioned ur present address as chennai ? if you have ur parents in ur hometown madurai u just give ur madurai address and apply there .
    or else open bank account in chennai & show it as proof to apply in chennai.

    for evry working professional passport is urgent. but passport officials not care about this urgency.they know to tell in media that huge numbers of applications received , shortage of staff , printer problem ,police report delay are the reasons for delay .

    will this problems cant be rectified although India being a technologically advanced nation ? whether they cant issue passport in stipulated time with this technology features? we can rectify …only thing this govt employees should change their mindset and have to welcome these technological advancements to issue passport in short span. In more govt staffs need to learn these technologies to make use of it . simply they will blame these tech advancements.

  47. Hi folks..
    I applied a passport in madurai office with all my docs and they processed and finally they said you are working in chennai so you have to apply passport in chennai only..but i don have any address proof and a bank account all my docs r havin my hometown address
    Any one please help to get the passport

    Thank you


  48. hi,
    i have got the tatkal passport yesterday,but in that my photo hasnot very clear.what i have to do? pl guide me. its very urgent.

  49. Hi,

    To just further clarify on the ‘photograph’ requirement on the ‘Affidavit’, the photograph is only required on the Verification Certificate, and not on the affidavit as such.

    The Standard Affidavit format does not require a photo in the specimen, as against the verification certificate which explicitly mentions it in the specimen.

    Please let me know if my understanding is incorrect.


  50. Hi,

    To just further clarify on the ‘photograph’ requirement on the ‘Affidavit’, the photograph is only required on the verification certificate, and not on the affidavit as such.

    The standard affidavit format Annexure I does not require a photo in the specimen, as against the verification certificate which explicitly mentions it in the specimen.

  51. The following tips tips are great. I always enjoy brainstorming about catchy subject lines. Sometimes it is difficult, but we need to do what we should want to do – please our readers!

  52. even i am trying to register,it was saying NO DATES.i guess we need to try later.i am applying for renewal.i filled the forms 4 times,is it ok?i was trying to get the dates.will it affect anything?means i have 4 MAT nos…can we do the police verification before they come?

    usefull information in this blog.good work

  53. @prashanthi : it means that no dates are available as of now . i.e online registration limit for the month exceeds . if u wait for few days they will release appointments . that time u register online

  54. While applying for Tatkal re-issue, even I got as “No dates are available and please contact respective passport office” As expected, nobody picks up the phone.

  55. take a anointment for tatkal passport

  56. how to get the cutoff date for the tatkaal passport……. because i get as NO DATES ARE AVLIABLE PLS CONTACT PASSPORT OFFICE……..

  57. For registering tatkal online, same form only.. but in the passport office column you have to select chennai – tatkal instead of chennai.. The pdf form produced after tat will be numbered as MAT instead of MAS..

  58. Hi Friends,
    I applied for tatkal pp on july 12th.I got a file ref no too when i came 2 check status of my application pp it shows
    Unable to get the status because of one of the following reasons :
    Incorrect File No. – Please try again
    Application was submitted more than one year back
    Your Passport might have been despatched a month back and has not returned to us
    so,please frnds tell me wts a reason 4r tat……wt i want 2 do 4r tat….i’m in urgency 4r pp

  59. guyzz,

    I am frm krishnagiri.. I and my frnd applied in tatkal pp on jun20/06/11.. but i didnt receive my pp yet.. my frnd who is in chennai he got it before 30/06/11.. Could somebody clarify me.. why is it so?


  60. i checked chennai passport online is for tatkal and normal pasport same application form?

  61. hi,
    I have to come two times 1 day to get appointment and another day for form submission?

  62. hi,

    i have registered online for tatkal without dd at the time of registration, so naturally i didn’t fill the dd number during online registration. now the print out form is showing “cash 1000”. i need the passport within 7 days, so for how much should i take the dd. please reply soon as i need the passport urgently to join the college abroad, i got the admit card, all i need is a passport, then a visa.

    thank you

  63. Hello
    does d online form hav personal particulars also? actually i hav been staying in chennai since august 2010. i need to apply for tatkal passport.the form says if u r residing for less than a year giv the details of the other places stayed at. I had been to d passport office they said attach extra personal particulars form for each address giving references of people at each address. Please tel me if the online form wil generate extra forms for each address for me to fill in.

  64. @ gans : u try a day later . but always when u enter file ref no. it should display some details . but in ur case it s showing irrelevant . if the status remains for more days , contact passport office. also try to check properly in…..may i know what reason u had given for the preponement of tatkal appln.

  65. Hi, Thanks a lot foe this blog. I did not know the difference in the Application
    Forms of “Ordinary” and “Tatkal” till I went thro this blog.
    See, I registered application thro the Passport website unde the drop down
    menu of “Tatkal”, but when I take a print out, the application says it is
    “Ordinary”- with MASI prefix.
    How to go to the “Tatkal” drop down menu ? Could some good guy please,
    describe it?

  66. Hi All,
    I also applied for passport(Tatkal) with preponement as I am running short of time and got the receipt today.
    When I tried to check the passport status today with file no. I am getting error message as ( IS THIS NORMAL WHEN WE TRY ON THE SAME DAY OF GETTING RECEIPT)?
    Unable to get the status because of one of the following reasons :
    Incorrect File No. – Please try again
    Application was submitted more than one year back
    Your Passport might have been despatched a month back and has not returned to us

  67. This is Awesome, good job guys…

    I have to apply passport for my 2 years old kid through Takkal.

    I and my wife have passport, Marriage certificate and Birth cirtificate for kid is any other documents required?

    What are other documents I have submitte for takkal? do I have to submit any address proof and bank letter?

    Please suggest me.

  68. sir,
    please help me . i need a tatkal passport. where should i register for tatkal. ( i registered through online and took the form to the passport office chennai there they said that it is not the tatkal form and asked me to register again)where do i register for tatkal and how do i know that i registered in tatkal. reply me soon sir as it is urgent

  69. hi
    I am from tuticorin .. now working in chennai…Will I be able to apply passport in chennai or else i can only apply in madurai…

  70. and we can pay the amount in cash too right as it is given in the form too..?? some sayin only DD..??

  71. how many days it will take to get the passport if applied normal…??

  72. Hi

    Can comebody help me in this regard.

    I have applied passport under tatkal with my permanent address, and got the passport.
    Police enquiry happened in permanent address, but police didn’t agree, he sent the report back to passport office mentioning that I was not staying in permanent address, i m working in hyderabad.

    what will happen? please help me as i m planning to go out of india soon.. will it cause any serious problems?

    Can i apply for reverification?

  73. Great blog. A lot of useful tips…helped me for sure…I went to Shastri Bhavan today & got my application accepted…now, waiting for the passport….

  74. Hi,

    I have taken the tatkal passport and travelled to norway. Now the police verification has failed as i was not available at home when they came. could anyone please let me know how should i proceed. Please help me on priority. its so urgent……

  75. Hi,

    I am in a peculiar problem. I had applied for reissue of passport under tatkal in Mar’11, through an agent. I appeared for the appointment on 11th March and then they called me again for re-verification on April 4th. After verification, the agent to whom I had paid the money in advance said he will make the payment and I left. Unfortunately, due to some reason, the payment was not made / DD lost, don’t know what but the passport was not received.

    Y’day, when we went in person to find out the reason,t he agent gave a fresh DD and the file to go and make the payment. However the official in the counter said that it’s too late and cancelled all the verified documents and sent us back.

    Now I don’t know what to do. During the first verification on 11th March, they also put a cancelled seal on my old passport, which has validity till june 2011.

    I am not able to make as to what went wrong and where the goofup happened. Is the agent wrong or is there some other mistake.

    Now, I have a job offer from abroad and I don’t have any valid passport. Please advise me as to what should I do next. Is it right to cancell all the papers as they did y’day? Do I need to apply fresh or can I resubmit the already verified documents?

    I am totally confused and lost. Please guide. URGENT.

  76. hi..

    i want to apply passport for my son who is 3 years old .my appointment date is on 26 may 12.00 pm..

    i) what are the documents needed?
    ii)in what name should i take dd?
    iii)i have registered under the tatkal scheme,but in the application form,the amount mentioned is 600.for what amount should i take dd?

  77. Hi,

    Guys guide me how long will it take to get re-issue of passport if you apply in normal scheme.(as I got tatkaal dat only on JUNE)

    I have no change in address, only need to add spouse name.

    Does it goes for verification(will delay again)

  78. I have applied online for my parents for getting passport through Tatkal.But instead of applying under Chennai-Tatkal I did it under Chennai. Can the applications still be applied under tatkal scheme? If not, is there a way to cancel those applications and reapply again? Please let me know. This is urgent. The appointment date is on 16-May-2011.

  79. Firstly, I thank Gopuram blog owner Ramesha for drafting a very useful info online…..n all the user coments gav me enuf confidence 2 re-issue my pp :) I will recommend this blog 2 my friends who needs pp from Chennai RPO. I submitted my pp tatkal app on 09-May and wat I want 2 share my exp:

    1. For re-issue, fresh pp, – user must register online and get an appointment fixed.
    2. For tatkal, user must select ‘CHENNAI-TATKAL’ from the drop down list of RPO which appears on the online registration page. There is also an option named ‘CHENNAI’, but that is for ordinary appl. All tatkal appl will hav a code starting MATI____ and ordinary will have MASI______.
    3. I got my tatkal appl appointment on June!! but needed the pp by may, so had to prepone it. IT IS POSSIBLE TO PREPONE THE APPL SUBMISSION BY URSELF, NO NEED OF TOUTS OR AGENTS OR MINISTER LTR. The applicant hav 2 go to 2nd flr Chennai RPO and ask for preponement queque to the security, he should guide u. Note that the preponement is done by some snr officials who report to chn pp officer, and they come to office by 10am – so the queque starts only by 10ish. U should hav a proof of urgency for your travel, that will do to get you a tatkal token for the day. I had to stand in this preponement Q for 2hrs+, but I got the token, worth the wait :)
    4. When I enquired with travel agents, ALL said 2 me that preponement is not possible, u need 2 hav central minister letter + urgency proof for that, but the former is not required.
    5. Once I got token issued, I jus had to wait to get my proofs validated n sealed on a counter on 2nd flr( again a big Q, n wait) and final step is payment of fees (another counter, another Q, same floor)
    6. I would recommend ALL applicants to get their proofs verified by the ‘consultants’ who sits in front of the RPO building with table – these guys r pros and they will tell u whether ur doc proofs are correct or not. They also arrange the proofs n instructs us 2 self attest all copies of the proofs. They charge Rs 50 fee, but I would say its worth the money. When I waited in Q for my proofs validation, several of them were sent back for wrong proofs, no signature, wrong order, etc. Mind you, these consultants are a busy lot as well, u need to wait there 4 ur turn! Since I did consult one of them, he guided me correctly, and all my proofs were validated n sealed without an error!!
    7. And beware of touts, agents loitering in the premises. If you have ALL the valid doc proofs, u do not need them at all !!! and sometimes touts idea might backfire as well!! U jus need PATIENCE to wait in Qs to get ur job done, that is all!!

    8. Behind the DD, write your appl number, name and mobile/contact. Also pl note that the DD has the Staff Serial number (SS No.) when u get it from the bank! It will be a field in the DD beside the staff sign.

    I was in the premises by 0800 hrs, submitted my forms by 1530 Hrs, which includes 1 hr lunch break.. so in one day, your job is done, without touts!! Now keepin my fingers crossed to get my pp on time :) :)

  80. After going through all post here on 27th april 2011… as mentioned here we went and met the rpo and got submitted our takkal form on the same day. Today(10.05.11) we had received the passport and i take this opportunity to thank the concern people to helped me to obtain the passport. thanks a lot once again.

  81. I had applied for passport for my son via TATKAL on 12-Apr-2011 Even after 3 weeks, I am yet to receive his passport.

    When I had checked the website for status, it says “Post Police Verification Report is required. File is under process”. I do understand that for minor passport requirement police verification is not required.

    Can someone help me out here?

  82. Hi
    Can you please tell me what happens if you do not make it to the passport office on the appointment date? As in, do you need to fill a fresh form altogether or do you need to pursue with the same barcoded form that you filled earlier? Is there any way you can cancel the one you filled before?

  83. Hello People,

    Please answer the questions below:

    1. How long does it take for a passport to be issued under normal scheme? My police varification was completed 2 weeks ago. I submitted my passport application on Jan 20th 2011 (sastri bhavan)

    2. Status showing as ” Police verification not received”, what are the next steps, what status will i be seeing next?

    Thanks a lot in advance,


  84. my wife has to attend seminar in srilanka by may 23 which has been organised by her university based on scholarship.

    she doesn’t have the ration card as address proof. she has a driving license which recently updated with the current address, having about 9 months old bank account with current address with the less transaction, voter’s id with improper address.
    Taken the Annexure-I from the Notary too. Has the university ID proof and the invitation letter from srilanka too.

    But we took the verification certificate from the honorable Judge of High Court.

    We got the May 4th 2011 as our appointment date through online registration and she has to submit the passport on or before may 10th 2011 to the university.

    Tell me how can we advance the appointment date to get the passport at the earliest.

    And tell me the above documents are enough to get the passport?

    if you could clear the doubts of mine at the earliest will enable us to go ahead in this regard.

    Thanks for your valuable assistance here for the society.

    p venkataraman

    i am having a passbook which has less transaction which is one year old and driving license, also have the verification certificate given by the honorable judge and annexure

  85. Ramesh, This is very useful information. HatsOff!

  86. Is it mandatory to register online resgustrat get an appoinment ?

  87. Is it Mandatory to get a online appointment for submitting the Tatkal application. ?
    Is it possible to submit the tatkal application without online submission/appointment ?

  88. i applied for chennai-tatkal passport & got date of appointment on 23 may 2011 . the application num starts with mat …but my appointment time is not mentioned . is it normal or appointment time also should be displayed in online generated appln form . pls clarify?

  89. hi
    i have registered online for tatkal but i ll not be able to go on that day…….please suggest me a solution…….

    thanks in advance…..

  90. Hi, I applied for Tatkal passport at Chennai office on 30th March 2011 and got the file number and key number. But when I try to find the status online, the message :Ünable to get statusdue to Ïncorrect File Number or Passport applied before i year etc appears.

    Why is this? Can someone help?

  91. great publish, very informative. I’m wondering why the other experts of this sector don’t understand this. You must proceed your writing. I am confident, you have a huge readers’ base already!

  92. Hi,

    I heard Tatkal is closed and would reopen only on 1st May. Any idea. I have an appointment on April 6.

    Thanks in Advance.

  93. Anyone,

    I heard Tatkal is closed and would reopen only on 1st May. Any idea. I have an appointment on April 6.

    Thanks in Advance.

  94. @Babu, yes, you need to change the Month to April from March ( by default it is set to the current month i.e in your case it is March), then you will see the dates are populated in Date field. Then you can select the earliest Date.

  95. Hi, I did apply for additional pages, which is apparently re-issue through tatakal on 14th of March. There is no news as of now. The online status does not show up. None of the numbers work. All these are to enable touts and scoundrels to make some money for the officers sitting at RPO chennai. Very sad state of affairs right from the time you register for tatkal online, get your coupons, called after 6 hours standing under the stairway to see your coupon number in the filth, scrambling to pay the fee. Pathetic. Disgraceful staff and service. Chennai passport office is one of the worst I suppose.

  96. Hello Everybody,

    I have applied for new passport and my appointment date is on 4th April. I’m coming from Mumbai for submitting the documents. I am having a query regarding the PAN Card.

    I got my pan card using Pune address(in 2009 i stayed there for a year) and i have form 16 documents for the last two years which has my Pune office address in that. Will the passport officiers accept my Pan card as one of the proof.?

    i have the following documents other than the pan card.

    1. Notary Affidavit.
    2. Ration Card.
    3. Voter ID Card.
    4. UG Certificates.

    i dont have any documents other than the above mentioned one.( No driving licence and bank accounts in chennai)

    Can anyone tell me, will i be able to apply for the passport without any hassles. Kindly update the possible way for submitting the documents.


  97. Hi Everyone,

    Team I have applied for passport (actually this is renewal/reissue of passport) in TATKAL scheme) on 23rd March 2011. Now when I go to passport website the status of my application shows “Police Report has not been received.” I thought police verification is done later in case on Tatkal. Will this delay my case in anyways.

    One of the website said that this is the default status and not to worry about it but I am worried as I need to travel in 1st week of April.

    Can someone guide on this as it will be really helpful.

  98. Hello sir / madam,
    I am trying to apply for the replacement of my mothers damaged passport through Tatkal. I tried login to the “” website to request for the appointment, but it is not allowing me to choose the dates. When I complete the form and press “save” then it was showing that the next available date is “13th April 2011 @ 10 AM”, but no date field available to be chosen in the confirmation page. I was trying to apply in chennai passport office.

    Do anybody knows what is the problem, please share.

    Thanks in advance,

  99. I got tatkal appointment for my son on mar 29th. But due to some emergency, i need passport earlier. So i went today to prepone the appointment. But there is no option to prepone the appointment. So i came home disappointed. People are expected to come only on the date of appointment. They cant prepone the date even if we have proof of urgency except for some medical emergency. Even i asked whether i can meet RPO to show the urgency proof. But the person didnt accept anything. He wanted me to come on appointed date only.

  100. Hi,

    This site is really very informative. I am planning to apply tatkal passport in Chennai RPO, looks like the appointment date falls in the middle of April. Could any of you tell me if the cut-off date system for tatkal passports is still being used or should I visit the RPO only on the appointment date ?

    Thanks in Advanvce.


  101. Hi John,
    I forgot to mention that the main address proof document that I submitted was Ration Card copy. And the other supporting documents were the ones I have listed in my previous comment.

  102. Hi John,

    Get a residence proof letter from the bank manager with your photo attested in it and use it as the primary address proof. Because you cannot be sure if the address proof from companies will be accepted.

    And if you have the latest ITR with your current address in it, then submit its copy with the PAN card copy, instead of the form16. So this will serve as a supporting document for ECNR as well as additional address proof.

    These are the documents that I submitted for renewing my passport and I have got my passport as well!

    Document I submitted:
    1) Bank statement for 1 Year with address proof letter from bank manager with my photo attested in it.
    2) PAN card copy with latest ITR receipt copy (which also had my latest address in it)

    Hope this helps..

  103. nice info. the number of comments in this article prove that I should implement some of these plugins on my sites.

  104. Hi all,

    I am going to apply for tatkal in chennai office. Right now i have only below documents.
    1) PAN card with form 16
    2) HDFC bank statement for 1 Year
    3) Address proof from my company

    Is it sufficient to apply the passport in tatkal ? Please help me on this.

    Advance Thanks For all of you guys

  105. Hello Sir,

    1.Is it possible to give my name as vignesh in the given name and mani in the surname if my name is M.VIGNESH MANI in certificates.?. If I can’t have it then what should I do to it have it as such ?.
    2.If I am applying for TATKAL Do I have to get Annexure-F along with Annexure-I before I enter the RPO. There is no mention about Annexure-F in the above document.

    Please Help,
    Thanks in advance .

  106. i dont have mark sheet other then i have everything can i apply passport

  107. Howdy blogger, thank you for providing this article.. I found it first-class.

  108. This is really attention-grabbing, You are an excessively professional blogger. I’ve joined your feed and look ahead to seeking extra of your excellent post. Also, I have shared your web site in my social networks!

  109. Hi,
    This page was quite useful when I applied for the Tatkal passport. The procedures are as explained by Ramesha, Kechu etc.
    My passport was delivered at home exactly 10 days after applying at Chennai RPO.
    Remember to follow up with your local Police Station for verification. The actual Police verification happened after 60 days for me. Not sure how it was for others. Give your immediate neighbours (2 of them) details in the verification form. The police guy gave me a form to get it signed from the neighbours and submit to him then and there apart from my own signature.

  110. hi,

    whether letter from member of parliament is sufficient to prepone the verification process applied under takaal in case there is no urgency proof ??????
    (heard via broker,i don’t know whether to trust him)

    i have to submit the passport in order to get offer letter from the company.

    thanks in advance

  111. Thank you for the useful points in this website. Please I need the following clarifications:

    1. I have changed my name after my marriage and I have got the name changing Certificate from the Tamilnadu Govt. Gazette. I want to know whether the copy of Gazette’s certificate is enough for documentary proof for “change of name”?

    2. I have obtained DD for Rs.2000/ for obtaining passport under Tatkal (within 15 days). Is it ok?

  112. Hi ,
    I am student studying in chennai with permanent address outside tamilnadu .I applied under Tatkal ( with 2500 fees ) to PRO chennai , My document verification was done on 3rd Feb , later on 15th I went to inquire about passport status ( after waiting in queue for 1 hour ) , guy at the counter informed me that passport was issued on 14th Feb and gave me passport no , but now status on passport website is showing ‘

    “Post Police Verification Report is required. File is under process”

    my friend who applied with me has already received passport ( 1 week before ). Kindly suggest on what to do ?
    I need passport urgently for writing exam.
    Any help is highly appreciated ….

  113. What are all the Documents to be attached for Tatkkal PP for Kids.How much i need to take DD and on which name.Is it possible to reach PP office before the Date mentioned in Online registration date.


    Venugopal B

  114. After study a few of the weblog posts in your web site now, and I actually like your approach of blogging. I bookmarked it to my bookmark website record and shall be checking back soon. Pls try my site as effectively and let me know what you think.

  115. hi,can anyone say how to cancel online registered passport application ,since i will not be able to go on the given date ,,,,pls

  116. hi

  117. I wl b applying for renewal of my Passport. I want to subscribe to this site.

  118. Hi,
    I am applying under Tatkal scheme for my kids and have an appointment at 11 AM on 4th March.

    Can I visit the RPO around 10.30 to get the token? or Should I take my kids to RPO at early morning to get the tokens?

    Would appreciate your immediate response.


  119. hello sir….i want to apply for passport under tatkal scheme.please clear my query regarding tatkal process..firstly which documents i have to submit to get passport with in short time?i heard that a verification letter should also be submitted which holds the signature of either IAS officer or IPS doubt is can i get the sign of deputy collector who is having the equal cadre as that of DSP?please help me sir,as i have completed IELTS course waiting for my passport.As the examination sloughts are very less i wanna write my IELTS exam quickly..

  120. Dead pent articles , Really enjoyed looking through .

  121. Outstanding post, you have pointed out some fantastic details , I too believe this s a very superb website.

  122. Hi,

    Its pathetic, but its a fact, RPO Chennai is house of touts and brokers. To those all who have applied tatkal and not received it, is because its not thru agent (i mean the tout, you can locate them easiliy or rather they will locate you easily, keep asking the security staff..they wont tell anything directly but sometime later the guy will contact you)…go thur agent and get in 10 days, go direct and its not less than 45 days….For ordinary passport go thru tout and get it in 45 days and direct get in 1yr to 3 yr period….. For those who need passport in 2 days…its possible, the cost is Rs 10,000 plus tatkal fee…you can negotiate if its more number of passport…. The best time to locate them will be break hours…..Its all happening with the knowledge of staff and it will be genuine passport..not fake..dont worry

  123. Today I submitted Tatkal Passport. It was very easy procedure. I went and stood around 740am. 200 persons were standing before me in the Queue till the First Floor Door, on the stairs and on the passage. After me I saw around 250 Persons standing later in the Queue till 930 am . They started pasting the Computer generated Token stickers like C01, C02……..C60, C61, C63 etc on the Application First Page and put seal. There are A,B,C,D,E Counters. All the standees were given Tokens. No one was sent back even at 10 am. Numbers are displayed on the Screen in the First Floor and Ground floor. The Ground Floor and First Floor displays of some out of A,B,C,D,E showed always ‘0’. Some works properly. They said some displays are not working. Verification is done in the 2nd Floor in Chennai office. For Each person it takes 5-10 Minutes for verification. They verify all original documents and put Original verified in the Xerox copies attached and give back the originals. After acceptance of the documents they put it in a Brown color File named ‘TATKAL”, staple it and give it back to us. We have to take it, go and stand in the ‘Bill/DD’ Que where we should present the File + DD for Rs.2500/= . No cash allowed. I was asked to Write my Name, Application Number, Address, Phone Number and sign on the backside of the DD before presenting. They even asked me to remove the Perforations of the DD before presenting.

    They give a Receipt which contains all the particulars of us for follow up. The procedure is very simple. Don’t panic. My advice is attach only the required documents. Don’t attach extra unnecessary documents. Unnecessay enclosures are pulled out and given back to us then and there during verification. Do not over do it. Just do the appropriate thing.

    P.S : 1. Annexure I ( Affidavit) should have Photo fixed to it and attested by notary . I saw many persons running back with affidavit without Photo to get it attested by the same Notary who signed the affidavit.

    2. Bank Passbook should have Photo with seal of the Bank.

    3. College Bonafide Certificate should have Photo with seal.

    4. I saw many persons PAN Card proofs are rejected as they did not have Form 16/ Income Tax Certificate. Be careful. A simple PAN CARD will not help you in anyway as a Proof. They simply reject PAN Card which are submitted alone.

    5. Birth Certificate without Name is not a valid proof. For people born after 1991 Birth Certificate is a must. Name must be there in the BC. Male Baby, Female Baby will not do. They simple send back and ask to come back within a week time with a fully furnished BC.

    6. Order of Compilation is not important. Keep one set of documents between the Application. One set of Copies between the Personal Particular Forms. Self attestation will do for all Xerox Copies.

    7. Some persons take print out of Application on Single Page sheets ( Total 6 sheets). Some Persons take back to back Prints.( Total 4 Sheets. First 2 sheets contains 4 Pages of application. Two single page Personal Particular Forms. Out of which one PP form will go to Police Verification). Both methods are accepted.

    All the Best for the Passport Aspirants. No need to approach the Brokers.

    Thanks to Ramesh who created this Blog which is throwing a lot of Light on this field. This has created lot of awareness among all youngsters who aspire for Passport. I read this Blog and did the same. I got thro’ easily.

  124. Hi guys, I would like share my experience I had while applying for Tatkaal.

    The procedure is actually very Simple, it is getting complicated only because of insufficient information in the website, and ignorance while submitting the necessary documents.

    While applying for Tatkaal please make sure that you submit only the required documents and don’t mess up by providing unnecessary and invalid documents.

    These are the documents I provided and I had an hassle free verification of documents.

    1. Rational card (Name and Address must be the same as in the application)
    2. Bank Passbook front page with photo( 1 year statement + Certificate from bank manager)
    3. College Id + Bonafide Certificate( photo attached as it is important).
    4. Anexure I (Affidavit)
    5. Birth Certificate ( exact Name is a must. Any discrepancies in it will lead to complications. Blank certificate with male baby or female baby and all not accepted)
    6. Higher Secondary course certificate (for ECNR clearance at least you must have HSC certificate).

    Other Important advice:

    1. PAN Card without Form 16 and Income tax statement will never be accepted as a valid proof.
    2. 1 year bank statement is essential.
    3. Order of compilation is not so important and there is no one standard order to attach the documents. However you are required to keep two sets of documents, one between 3 and 4th page and the other in between the Personal particular forms. People outside collect Rs.30 and compile the documents and each one follows a different order.
    4. No Cash Payment allowed. Only Demand Draft accepted.
    5. A computer generated token will be pasted on the application along with a seal. People say once a token is pasted it is valid for 15 days. (Although I am not sure of the latter.)

  125. Hi,
    I applied tatkal passport for my infant child on 14th Jan 2011. I feel I should have got it by now because it is already more than 5 working days since I applied. The status doesnt seem to be working at all. Has anyone applied it on or after 14th Jan and got it already?

    I had renewed my passport in tatkal in Dec and completed post police verification in Jan 2nd week before applying passport for my child. The status for my application still shows verification in progress. Not sure if this is the reason for the delay in my child’s passport application.

    Please help with any info you might know.

  126. This blog has been so informative! I appreciate your time and effort! You are being a great help to many like me.

    I have a few questions regarding the documents to be produced for re-issue of passport under tatkal scheme.

    1) I have resided at more than one place during the last one year and I have only Ration card as address proof. What other documents can I submit for residence proof? Will Bank statement and Letter from Employer be accepted?

    2) Will HDFC Bank statement for the last 1 year be accepted? [I do not have any bank passbook from any other PSU/nationalised bank].

    3) Should the 1 year bank statement be attested by the bank manager? Or is it enough to get a letter from the manager of the branch stating that I am residing at the current address since XXX and that I have an account with the branch? And should I have my photo pasted in that letter and get it attested by the manager? Is there any template for the manager’s letter?

    4) Will police verification be done at the permanent address we give? [I am not residing at my permanent address and neighbours living there rarely know me]

    5) Will the passport be sent to permanent address/present address? [I am not residing at my permanent address and no one is there to collect the passport also]

    6) For ECNR, is last 3 years Form-16 sufficient or should I produce 3 years ITR?

    7) Is cash accepted for payment of Rs.2500 as fees?

    I would be extremely grateful if you can clarify all my questions mentioned above. Anticipating your quick response..Thank you!

  127. i need passport for infant under tatkal scheme. whther tatkal fees 1500 or 2500. how much pass port fees? separate dd or combined. if everyone knows guide me.

  128. I submitted copies of the following documents and my application was need to panic, officers wont simply reject your application,provided if you have all the necessary documents..

    foll docs(in order)

    1.Affidavit(Annexure I)
    2.Ration Card
    3.Bank passbook with transaction page(get a letter from the manager of the branch stating that you reside at the given address and you have an account with the branch)
    4.College ID card with bonafide(Driving licence also a good id proof,mine wasnt 1 yr old)
    5.Birth Certificate
    6.12th marksheet(for ECNR )

    Note:All college students need bonafide for education qualification proof and all address proofs should be at least one yr old.

    I went to the office around 7 30 am,got token around 9 am(counter A no.20),verification took place around 10 30,paid thro dd and came out by 10 45.
    Believe me, its that simple.
    P.S. I was really nervous on that day but the process was quite smooth and there was no reason to panic.
    Hope this helps.

  129. @Narayan

    Your application is tatkal can strike out 1000 and cash in the form or use a whitener and write dd and 2500.
    You must go only on feb 7th..there is no such thing as cut off date..this change is recent..about 3-4 months back

  130. i had applied on line for tatkal passport. while starting to fill the application, i had chosen Chennai-Tatkal. the registration number started with MATI. Does this T in this designate that the application is for tatkal. There is no mention of tatkal anywhere in the application or any separate T or S. Also I had not bought a DD before registering. a fee of Rs.1000/ (CASH) was filled up by the software itself. Isnt the fee for tataka is around Rs. 2500/. can any tell me how to make sure that the application is for tatkal only. .
    My other question is what is the cut of date for tatkal? i had applied on 12 th jan and the appointment is for feb 7. Should i go earlier to check the cut off date and is there a separate queue for this enquiry? Thanks in advance

  131. Dear Friends..
    As already stated by some one here, when applying for Tatkal passport apply as Chennai Tatkal and not as chennai. If your application is processed under normal terms, you get the word S and if it is Tatkal it is T.No where in the web site, or in the forms, you will be informed that it is Tatkal or Ordinary. It is a trick to make people roam in passport office so that the number of Tatkal applications are limited..Again…NEVER GIVE ANY EXTRA PROOF in order to get the passport in time..


    That is enough.
    just wish the officer. Be casual. Just arrange the documents like this.

    1. Standard Affidavit.
    2. Ration Card.
    3. Birth Certificate
    4. Photo identity card
    5. Any other proof valid

    See to it that the name spelling is the same for everything..
    Take two set of photo copies.
    Self attest (you have to sign in the bottom)
    if you are married and not yet registered the marriage, in the spouse name, do not put anything. Just say you are not married!!!!
    Thatz all…
    I went with all the documents…got it within three days…small small irritating things as in all government office. But when documents are perfect, they can never deny.
    Best wishes for a speedy passport….

  132. to prepone the tatkal appointment, u need to go to second floor around 10-10.30, ask for security’s permission and should stand near miscellaneous queue with all the necessary documents for urgency, pp staff may come at any time after 11’oclock, if u are lucky enough, u may get a token for preponding.

  133. Hi, Please help me regarding to get PassPort Urgently. PP is for my husband. He filled the online form and got the date on 17.01.2011 under Tatakal scheme. Actually he suppose to go abroad on 26th of Jan. We get the documents done which is required to submit along with the application by the agent who is opp to stan-chart bank. Tell me is there any option to get the Date Prepon. Even we have letter from the office regarding the urgency of meeting. But when we went to PPO to meet the Deputy Passport officer , the secutiry guard is not allowing to meet him. Or else suggest me what could be done if i submit his application on 17th of jan and get the passport in one or 2 days.

    Kindly reply

  134. Hi, Please help me regarding to get PassPort Urgently. PP is for my husband. He filled the online form and got the date on 17.01.2011 under Tatakal scheme. Actually he suppose to go abroad on 26th of Jan. We get the documents done which is required to submit along with the application by the agent who is opp to stan-chart bank. Tell me is there any option to get the Date Prepon. Even we have letter from the office regarding the urgency of meeting. But when we went to PPO to meet the Deputy Passport officer , the secutiry guard is not allowing to meet him. Or else suggest me what could be done if i submit his application on 17th of jan and get the passport in one or 2 days.

    Kindly reply

  135. I have just returned in a disappointed condition from chennai passport office. i went to submit my tatkal application form and i understood that mine was submitted as normal form. there is a letter in the stored file number T instead of S which indicates tatkal, i was never aware of this. i had at many times tried to choose tatkaal somewhere in the website, but couldnt record it. i was under the wrong impression that mine was a tatkaal application. now after a lot of googling i found the trick of choosing “Chennai – tatkal” as the dropdown option. this is such a convoluted way of applying for tatkal. there is no mention of this in their official site. nor is there a confirmation that it is tatkal or ordinary on submission. why cant this be specified clearly on the web-site.

    i have 2 address proofs and 1 notary certified annexure I and also one PAN card. hope this fulfils conditions for the proofs needed and that i dont need Annexure F.


  136. […] The busiest day of the year was December 22nd with 241 views. The most popular post that day was Few points while obtaining Tatkal Passport @ Chennai RPO.. […]

  137. For filling in online application for TATKAL passport in Chennai…select “CHENNAI – TATKAL” for Passport office in the form (

  138. It seems Chennai RPO is doing the job in regular intervals. I applied for a re issue of my pass port which expired on 8th November on regular basis on 1st November 2010.Till 5th December the status was shown as error.On 5th december it shows that Post Police Verification required.File is under process.
    Now what will be the next. What does Post Police verification mean?. Does it mean they will issue passport now and verify later or instead of Police verification by mistake they wrote Post Police verification report.Can any one clarify.
    Over all after hearing lots of stories I too thought that it might take months to appear in status page.But the do do it in time.

  139. Hi,
    Is an Member of Parliament qualified to provide a verification certificate? I am applying for a passport reissue under tatkaal with a new address and have only two address proofs – Ration card and bank letter/statement.

  140. Hi,
    I agree with SNAIR. My parents applied for passport on July 2010 beginning. Whenever I tried to track the details online, its showing repeated stupid errors. I am in abroad and parents want to visit me during my delivery. Police enquiry is done and nothing else is updated.
    Dont know when they are going to get the passport and next comes the VISA problem . I really dont understand why Govt offices work in this way(never work) and happily get paid.


  141. Hi Chandramohan,

    Did you get a response for this below query..Even i have a similar issue..If you come across any info, pls. let me know.

    My Email ID is


    Oct 30, 2010 @ 12:10:56


    I renewed my passport thru tatkal and I came to london before police verification. Yesterday my parents in chennai recevied a letter saying that the police verification failed and i need to surrender the passport and submit proper documents within 21 days. Should i go back to chennai or anything i can do it form indian embaasy in london


  142. I had a very pleasant experience with the Chennai passport office. Had got a date of 28th Oct under Tatkaal for my children’s passports. Submitted them without any hassle. Thanks to this blogsite, had got everything right.
    Reached at 830 am and by 1130 had the receipts on hand.
    My son had to appear for his SAT exam on 6th Nov. 5th Nov was a holiday for Diwali. Cut it very fine.
    On 4th morning, my daughter’s passport was delivered at home by Speedpost. I rushed to the passport office. Met Mr Daulat Thameem, the Deputy Passport Officer. Explained the dire straits I was in. He wanted proof of the SAT exam and a request in writing. The time was 1130 am. He said I should turn up before 3 pm and he would ‘try’. He said that on account of Deepavali more than half the staff was on leave.
    I had to rush home and got the papers in order and reached at 115 pm. Was lunch break. Told to come at 230 pm. Stood rooted to the spot outside Mr.Daulat’s cabin. He called me in at 220 pm. Saw the papers, gave his recommendation for counter delivery of the passport. Told me to give it to his PA in room 4. Did that by 3 pm. Was told by him to come back at 5 pm and collect the passport.
    Went home, had lunch and then came back by 415 pm. Just on an off chance went to the counter to check the action. Got my son’s passport in five minutes!
    Went and thanked Mr Daulat. God bless him. There are good people also and the system works.

  143. Hi sir,

    I have applied online and selected chennai tatkal and i got appointment date as 16 nov… when will be the cutoff date??? whom shld i contact to know that?
    I have obc certificate, ration card (my dad’s, so diff address), pan card, bank st (add proof), birth cert.. what will be the order???

  144. Hello Sir,

    I have applied for passport reissue under “normal scheme” @ RPO Chennai and its 3 months over by today. The status says “Clear Police Report Recieved and will be dispatched shortly” for almost 45 days now.

    Can you please advise me now , how to get my passport.

    1) Can I directly go to passport office and meet RPO
    2) Do I need to take an appointmentwith RPO chennai

  145. Hi,

    I renewed my passport thru tatkal and I came to london before police verification. Yesterday my parents in chennai recevied a letter saying that the police verification failed and i need to surrender the passport and submit proper documents within 21 days. Should i go back to chennai or anything i can do it form indian embaasy in london


  146. You you should edit the webpage title Few points while obtaining Tatkal Passport @ Chennai RPO. Gopuram – ಗೊಪುರಮ್ to more catching for your subject you write. I loved the blog post nevertheless.

  147. No….Regret cannot submit another application under Tatkal after submitting under ordinary.
    But don’t despair….U will get yr Passport within two months. Service has improved now.

  148. Hi wish had come across yr blog earlier for the passport tips..have submitted ordinary appliccation but wish to change to tatkal to get it faster..
    a query..Can we submit another application under tatkal scheme after ordinary application is submitted??

  149. Vidya,
    You need to select children upto 15 years option, for the reason that children below 15 years are given Passport with validity upto 18 years only. In your son’s case it will be valid for 8 years.


  150. Hi:

    I had applied for tatkal passport on Oct 13 and got the acknowledgment receipt with the file & key number to track the status. Unfortunately, trying to check the status both online and via mobile (SMS service) is proving futile as it says the file no. is invalid. Can anyone tell me from their experience if the status tracking facility is indeed faulty? Does it take more than 10 days to receive passport even under the scheme that supposedly states it will be issued within 7 working days?

  151. Hi,
    My son(10 years old),his passoport will be expiring in a couple of months.
    For online registration under tatkal,under “service desired” do I need to click
    “passoport for children upto 15 years of age” or “re-issue of passsport”.
    pls clarify

  152. Hi
    Submitted yesterday my Tatkaal application for replacment for Damaged passport.
    They had asked for an additional affidavit mentioning how the damage occured in addition to Annexure I. People filling application outside did it for Rs.150 within ten mins.

    I gave Ration card, bank statement (one year) and licence as proof.

    Also the people at the verification counter asked me to meet PISON officer in Room no.4 and superindant in Room no. 2. Not much crowd when i went. Met both within 30 mins.

    I tried to track my application online. It is saying my “error” and my passport was despatched more than a year back. Kindly let me know how to track.

  153. Hi,

    I have applied tatkal passport 2 weeks back of my 2 child, one is 5years and one is 8months old. Till today i have not received their passport. I am unable to see the status enquiry also. If i type the file no. it says incorrect. I am trying to call but they r not lifting the phone. What should i do for it. Plz help me.

  154. Hi,

    I have applied tatkal passport 2 weeks back of my 2 child, one is 5years and one is 8months old. Till today i have not received their passport. I am unable to see the status enquiry also. If i type the file no. it says incorrect. I am trying to call but they r not lifting the phone. What should i do for it.

  155. Hi,

    i have applied for reissue of my passport @ RPO, chennai on 2nd aug 2010 under normal scheme. I have finished my police verification in the same month.Presently the status is “Clear Police Report has been received. Your Passport will be despatched shortly” and its the same for the last 25 days. I need to travel abroad in Nov 1st week.

    Can you please tell me what is the procedure to get the passport
    1) Im planning to approach RPO, Chennai as I have the related proof of emergency travel. Will that suffice?
    2) Is there a way to convert to Tatkal now ?

    Whom should I approach at the RPO office?

  156. Hi,

    My passport is expired 11 months back(issued originally in hyderabad), i need apply for reissue of passport(Normal). I have BSNL telephone bill as address proof and certificate from employer. Is this two is suffice for normal procedure. Could u please let me know the procedure for reissue of passport in normal/other required documents if any.


  157. Hi Sir
    I m M.Ragu….
    now i am working in Vadodara past 2 years..
    My native place is Trichirapalli…
    Coming November i m going to home for Diwali holidays(Oct 26-Nov 14).
    I want to apply passport in Tatkal method..
    the following documents only i have….
    i) Ration Card
    ii) Canara Bank Pass book
    iii)I have voter id but that address is differ(it contains my old house address)is it possible to get passpotr…
    i need your valuable suggestion
    Thanking you..

  158. Hi Sir
    I m M.Ragu….
    now i am working in Vadodara past 2 years..
    My native place is Trichirapalli…
    Coming November i m going to home for Diwali holidays(Oct 26-Nov 14).
    I want to apply passport in Tatkal method..
    the following documents only i have….
    i) Ration Card
    ii) Canara Bank Pass book
    iii)I have voter id but that address is differ(it contains my old house address)

  159. i applied for passport in tatkal on 21 Sep 2010. but till date i have not received my passport. i had police verfication also….. on 30 sep 2010… but in status it has been stated as “Post Police verfication report required. File is under process..

    Should i go to RPO office.. or should i wait …. kindly help me…

  160. Hi,
    For TATKAL passport application: Are the following documents enough ?
    1. One year current Bank statement & letter to RPO
    2. Birth certificate
    3. Community certificate
    4. 10th,12th,Degree mark mark sheets
    (Actually i have PAN card but with no Form-16..
    I don’t have Driving license & Voter’s ID..Currently resigned from the
    company i’ve worked & now preparing for IELTS,GRE..HENCE URGENT)PLS REPLY……

  161. Need Help!!!!
    Hi i’m a defence officer and I’m an NOC holder and i’m applying for a fresh passport.What is the procedure if i’m an NOC holder. Is the dealy and hassles in getting the passport for NOC holders same like for normal applicants in chennai.

  162. Hi fellow tatkal passport applicants

    The emergency tatkal procedure given by ‘Capt Aram’ is not working in practice. It seems that ‘capt aram’ has written the procedure given in the notice board of the passport office. I had the appointment on 18t october and i went passport office on 6th october.

    I went and stood in the emergency passport que. At 11am the person who issues emergency tokens came. I had the invitation letter from the employer abroad and the employment agreement as the proof of urgency. He refused to issue me a token stating that for urgent cases the agreement and invitation letter should have the stamp of the Indian embassy in the respective country.

    Five others who stood with me were also refused the emergency token for the same reason. Then we all met the P.A. to Regional passport officer and then the Deputy passport officer. They said they will consider only medical and death cases as emergency. All others should come at the appointment date mentioned in the online application.

    Sorry for the bad news.

    Kindly post it here if there are other options to get it done before appointment date.

  163. Hi

    I applied for passport in tatkal on sep 7 and the courier did not come yet . On enquiry i came to know the courier guy had received the passport and send it back to passport office
    How can i get back the passport from the passport office in a short time as i am in a great urgency

    Please help me out with a solution asap

  164. Dear Ramesha Ji,

    Thanks a ton for your efforts to provide some valid information regarding obtaining a tatkal passport from so called public serving office such as RPO Chennai.

    I noticed some thing on their website that the passport application status enquiry has not been updated since 02nd Aug,2010. I have browsed thru all the RPO websites all over india – but found such a failure only at RPO chennai. What is the reason for it. I strongly suspect an element of corruption in the RPO behind it. Because they make their actions vague to the public and trying to get some cut through the touts who are infact ruling the RPO’s.

    Probably we might hear another corruption story what happened a year back with the passport officer who was arrested by CBI.

    Public is affected by their such irresponsible acts… everyone should strongly react against it. RPO chennai is the highly corrupted govt office in all over India.

    God Bless our country.


  165. I have applied passport for tatkal scheme(re -issue).IT is told 3 days required for deliverd but after a week till i did nt recieved. i need it urgent.any scope to get passport immediately


  166. Hi All,

    i have received my passport yesterday (good), but ususual they did a mistake, my old passport has ECNR, but this new passport has ECR, do i have to submit an applicaiton to correct it and pay 300 bucks for their mistake, have anyone come accross this, please let me know.


  167. Thank you Mr Ramesha J S and CAPT ARAM, for this blog.Some of the missing links are very well explained here in this site.

    Does any one know that if post police verification happens for RE-ISSUED passport taken under tatkal scheme.
    I have heard that normally ( mentioned in FAQ of bangalore RPO website ) NO police verification happens in case of re-issued passport, even if the first passport was issued in different passport office.

    Thanks for response.

  168. In my case Police Verification shld have been there as my old PP was issued in Delhi and new one in Chennai so different addresses..

  169. Hi,

    i have applied my passport on Sep6 for re issue (mine is expired after 10 years) in tatkal, when i will receive my passport, will that be sent through courier or speed post, i am not able to track the status through online, after 2-August the status has not been updated.

    One more point i wanted to add here is, if in case you are retured for any correction and you are submitting the passport next day you need to get stamped once again from the person named Elango, if not they will not accept it, we wasted one day for this, we reached there around 12.30PM, we were not aware of this, later around 2 PM we were informed to get that application stamped, but when we approached them we were denied and asked to come next day, rediculous no where i could find this information.


  170. Hi Ashwin,
    The date they return on folder is just for reference. You may get it on that date or about a week from that date. If not you may have to go to inquiry counter to get the current status.

    Hi Bunny,
    For passport renewal I dont think Police verification will happen unless otherwise you changed your address from old passport address.

  171. Hi Ramya,
    I also applied passport renewal for my Minor kid on Jul 9 2010 at Chennai. But we havent received the passport till date. Have you received it?
    Anybody else applied passport for minors in the month of July in Chennai and received the same? If yes please let me know when you applied and when you received the passport. Thanks a lot for your time.

  172. Dear Helper and Capt. Aram,

    Thank you for the response and the help. These inputs are really valuable for me. We need people like you to build our country.


  173. I have applied tatkal on 6 september 2010 and it is written that i will get it delivered on september 13 . Will it take more time ?? Police Verification for tatkal quota is done before or after receiving the passport ??

    Please help me out regarding this

  174. Hi Helper,
    I applied the passport on the same day as yours under Tatkal scheme and i am yet to receive the passport

    I couldn’t the status as the passport website still says last update is 2nd August 2010
    Do they have police verification for passport renewal? (I applied for passport renewal which expired 2010)
    Helper, I didn’t get a chance to meet you in the RPO but i completed by application checking and paying the DD @ 3.00pm

    Let me know if there is anything the can be checked

  175. Hi Folks,

    1. Its been over 3 months since i rcd re-issued PP through Tatkaal – Chennai
    2. No Police Verification Yet
    3. I’ve contacted the agent as i might be required to travel this month
    4. I submitted PISON report for my old passport.

    At this point in time i am unaware that was i exempted from police verification or not… will find out in couple of days..

    For those who were Reissued PP in Tatkaal did they gt their Police Verification done? Share thoughts

  176. Bala,

    1. Take one consolidated DD for Rs.2500/- : that worked for me. See my earlier comment for more about DD-related stuff.

    2. The cutoff-date : I don’t know, perhaps that is not relevant anymore. I went early on the allotted day, that turned out to be OK.

    Hope this helps.

  177. I need to clarify the following points:

    I am applying online for a fresh passport under Tatkaal. I have been asked to come on Sep 14, 2010 to RPO, Chennai at 1015.

    1) Will they accept cash for the basic fee as well as Tatkaal fee?

    2) If it has to be DD, is it one consolidated DD for Rs. 2500 or two separate DDs- one for Rs.1000 and the other Rs.1,500?

    3) What is the cut-off date some postings talk about here?

  178. Chennai RPO office is a mad house where you hardly get any information. I think either they are understaffed, ill-equipped to handle big crowds or deliberately indifferent so that touts and agents can flourish. First of all there is a total mismatch between the info on their official website and what you manage to gather from the rude personnel who are mostly tight-lipped.

    The first lesson is-
    All applicants should essentially apply online and they simply do not have the option of submitting handwritten applications any more. (Again, it is a different matter that you have to fill in some columns of your online application using your pen!)

    The Chennai RPO guys have a novel way of troubling applicants. The Tatkaal option is tucked away in the drop-menu under ‘Passport Offices’ box as ‘Tatkaal-Chennai’ when you will be naturally looking for it under ‘Service Desired’ box. Not a word about this anywhere in their official website. I foolishly clicked the Fresh Passport’ option and was thrown out of RPO when I asked them for Tatkaal. (I thought the main application with an additional 1000 or 1,500 Rs. will take care of my Tatkal request!) I returned home searched for over an hour, but could not locate ‘Tatkaal-Chennai’ option until I saw the posting in this site by Mr. Helper. (Thanks,he can not have a more apt pseudonym for himself!)

    Their grievances section is moribund. Send them any number of mails. they respond with silence. I am still not sure if the Tatkaal fee has to be paid for in cash or as a DD. Perhaps carrying both is safer.

    In short, the touts outside Shastri Hall are far more dependable than their official website, I guess!

  179. I received my passport today! I had applied last Monday (Today is Tuesday).

    Wish you all well.

  180. HELP!
    I passport application for my 3 months old kid on 29th july.. By mistake we made an online appointment thro’ normal scheme instead of tatkal process. The lady at the counter said that I would get the passport in one month’s time ie by end of August.

    I was hoping that I would get it in August as there wouldnt be any kind of police verification for my 3 months old kid.

    Now there is an urgency that I need to go abroad and I would need to take my kid along with me.

    Is there any way I can speed up the process? Someone suggested to give a letter to the passport officer, but I have my doubts. IF that is the only way, does anyone know what would be the kind of queue time I need to wait?

    Await your earliest replies.. HELP please!!

  181. the tatkal application is available in the list of cities . when u scroll down the list you will see chennai-tatkal and not chennai.scroll almost to the bottom of the list.

  182. For Girija :
    In the pull-down menu, Tatkal link in much below the other cities. See “Helper” post.
    For Baskar :
    U wl get yr PP in one week’s time.
    For Vishnu :
    1 ) Bank statement should be from a Nationalised Bank and the statement shall be countersigned by Branch Manager. Preferably attach Bank Passbook, first page which has yr photo and Bank’s stamp, alongwith current statement. Gas Registration Card(it is like a booklet) is required – delivery bill will not be sufficient.
    2) Yes , U can go directly with proof of urgency to 2nd floor and meet PA to RPO to prepone the Tatkal date. See my post dated 21-June.

  183. Girija,
    The link is . Scroll down the list of passport offices and select the office named “Chennai – Tatkal”.

    From what I could gather, bank passbook with entries showing for the last one year (last August to this August, if you apply in August), gas delivery bill, and letter from your employer should be acceptable.

    I do not think that they accept manual application for tatkal, but I am not sure.

  184. we did as said above but they turned down us saying tatkal online registration should be done from differrent site and reg number starts with T for such regns. Any idea what the current tatkal regn link is?

  185. after finishing all this.. wen will we get the passport in tatkaal ….

  186. Hi Aram,
    Good suggestion..can you give me some hints..i had keyed many words, share if something is there in yr mind,,,thanks for your continues support…


  187. Hi Helper !
    Excellent post with elaborate details. Wonderful. Keep it up. This will really be helpful for all Passport applicants. As Administrator(Ramesha JS) of this site suggested – publish yr name also.

    For Ramesha JS :
    I also curious – what are the chances of this link showing up when u google passport info? Can u do something to better the hit-rate?
    Neverthless it is still the best !!!

  188. Hi, I have a few questions for application of passport through tatkal in chennai:

    1) Proof of Residence – Is bank account statement and proof of residence on company letterhead acceptable? Will gas bill be accepted as one of the proof of residence. Im asking as I am not having ration card, or driving license for my current stay address. I have it only for my permanent address which in south tamilnadu.

    2) Can we directly appear for applying for passport through tatkal without registering an online? That is will we be given token number even without an online application (only manual application) for tatkal? If we are registering online is it compulsary to go online on the date of appointment given by the system (after few weeks), or can we go the next day itself after registering online (ignoring date given by computer)?

  189. Hi Friend.
    An very informative information. Which solves many people doubt on PP. Would be more happy if you publish ur name.

  190. Hi,

    I submitted my Tatkal application at Chennai today. In short, the experience was OK. I think the staff at the Passport Office did quite well, considering their constraints — mainly the large numbers. I personally did not have to face any unpleasantness, bar the longish waits at various queues. The staff were workmanlike and polite, if not ultra courteous.

    Some points from my experience:

    1. There /is/ an option for Chennai Tatkal in the online application. This comes after all the city names, and is named Chennai-Tat or something like that. I am not sure if you /have/ to choose this option to apply Tatkal, but there /is/ a difference from the regular Chennai option in that the serial number on the downloaded form for Chennai starts with MAS, and for Chennai-Tatkal starts with MAT. Again, I don’t know if this makes a difference.

    2. I printed out the main form and the PP forms /one-side only/. This is important; I feel they intend this to be so, from the way they ask us to put one set of documents between the 3rd and 4th pages of the application. Also, all photocopies are to be made /one-side only/. It is OK to put two pages (of, say, an ID card) on the same page, but there should not be any paper with copies on both sides. Also, remember to self-attest (sign) all these copies.

    3. My printed form said Rs.1000 by Cash. Since I read here that they only accept DDs, and since the fee for Tatkal is Rs.1500 extra, I used correction fluid to erase both and made it Rs2500, by DD. I filled in the DD number and date, and put a line (meaning N/A) in the field that says ‘Bank code’.

    4. I reached the Passport office around 7:30 am. There was already a sizeable queue for Tatkal (and another one or two for normal) applications. I stood in the queue at one place till around 8:45, when the queue started moving. The queue moved reasonably fast (or I was really softened up by the 1+ hrs waiting), to reach the desk on the first floor where they give token numbers for Tatkal.

    5. At this table you have to show your application. No copies or anything needed. In fact, I /think/ the person at the table just glances at the very first page in the application, and does not care much about the contents. He puts a stamp that says “Tatkal” and has a counter name (one of A,B,C,D) and a number which is your turn at the counter (mine was in the twenties).

    6. After this I went up to the second floor and showed the security person there this seal, and he said “come around 10:30”. I guess the counters open at 10:00, and he gave a rough estimate of around when my turn would come.

    7. All this was done by around 9:15, and I went out of the building and approached one of the people who man the desks just outside the entrance. He arranged my documents for me and stapled them together, for a charge of Rs.30/-.

    I think this is a very important thing to do, unless you know /exactly/ how to arrange these papers. For instance, I had /not/ put the originals of the Affidavit and Verification Letter along with my application — the way I understood it, no originals were to be submitted, only copies. But this person put the originals of these two documents in the first set. Also, he did a cursory check of all the documents, to see that there were no obvious errors/omissions. Then he stapled the whole bunch together in a neat way and gave it back to me.

    8. I went in around 10:15, and after showing my Tatkal token (stamped on the application) to the sentry at the second floor, was allowed in to the place where the counters A to G and T are. My particular counter had not reached anywhere near my number, so I waited there till my number came.

    9. My number came up (this is shown on a display for each counter, and there is an automated announcement when the number changes) around 11:20, and I went up to the counter and submitted my application.

    10. The lady at the counter wrote something on the application and asked me to go to Room 4. This was (I realized later) because I had a passport with a current validity.

    11. There was a small queue in front of Room 4, and the person who was supposed to be there was not there. He came after a wait of some 5 minutes, took my application (and not the current passport), fed its details into his computer, printed out a sheet of paper confirming that the details of my old passport matched with my application, and gave the application back to me with this paper.

    12. I went back to the same counter as before. There is a subsidiary (and unofficial) queue at each counter for people who are coming there for the second and subsequent times. I stood in this queue, and gave the lady my application with this new piece of paper attached. She looked at my application and said that I need to attach copies of /the last one year’s (last August to this August) bank passbook details. I had just attached copies of the main page which gives my details.

    13. I went out and made these copies, attached them to both the sets of documents, and resubmitted at the same counter via the unofficial queue. She looked at it again, cross-checked the copies against the originals which I had, and returned the application to me inside a yellow file which had the “Post Verification” stamp on it.

    14. I then went and stood in another queue for making the payment of fees. They have boards there stating that they only accept DDs, payable in Chennai to “The Regional Passport Officer, Chennai”, sorry for that. Since I had read about this here, I had my DD ready. I had written my name and date of birth on the other side of my DD. The lady at this counter asked me to write my mobile number as well. She also asked me to remove the perforated strips at the two ends of the DD. Then she accepted the DD and gave me a receipt, and that was it!

    Hope this helps.

  191. Hi Rameh JS ,

    I have applied for passport almost a year back through district passport cells in vellore collector office. After 2 months from the date which i ve applied they ve been done with police verification and 4 months later they ve sent back the DD stating tat the validity of DD got expired and askin me to tak a fresh DD and bring it b4 one month from tat date.. due to some work i dint proceed further i thought at some point they wud cancel the application.. wen i check for status now it is stil showing the same.. but now i need passport in urgent.. wen i enquired abt gettin passport via thatkal from one passport agent they clearly said tat it cant be done wen ur application s already under process.. I jus wanna know is ther any way to get passport soon or shud i tak a fresh DD and proceed wit the same application.. if i do in how much days i’l get the passport? can u suggest me what wud be the best option? Thanks in Advance..

    Really Appreciate ur Help!!!!

    Thanks and Regards,

  192. hi,

    I have following 3 identity proofs. Is this 3 documents are sufficient for applying for tatkal passport reissue (and Annexure I) . Do i need to submit any other documents also. Pls clarify

    1)Electors Photo Identity Card
    2) PAN Card
    3) Gas Connection Bill. (Recently saw that this was newly added proof of document list)


  193. hi raj….there is no tatkal category in Chennai. Go through the blog I have provided the details…..

  194. Hi,

    I cannot find the category for online registration in drop-down as “Chennai Tatkal”.

  195. Hi,

    I got a short validity passport in Jun 2007 and it expired on Jun 2008. Now I need to renew it. Also i need to change my address. I am staying in the current address for the last 1 year. I have SBI Account Passbook, BSNL Phone Bill and IT Filing Acknowledgement bearing my current Address. Kindly let me know whether i can apply for renewal of my passport under TATKAL scheme. Also met me know how long it will take.

    Your timely help will be greatly appreciated.

  196. Hi friends
    This is my experience @ RPO, Chennai.
    I’d say it’s the worst office i’ve ever seen.
    Only the appplication is online; everything else is manual & all in primitive stage (20th century).
    I don’t know at this techno age, when r they going to improve!
    Right from
    getting a token in a non systematic way to..
    standing in a long queue under hot sun to..
    being pushed by some heavy or violent people inside..
    letting the O,P,Q lines in a disorderly way…
    getting shouted at by those idiotic & useless verification officers (no politeness!)..
    for nothing but “not stapled” or placed in a different order etc..
    (1 set of documents between 3rd and 4th page of the application and 1 set of documents need to be placed between the PP forms as such. Otherwise, they will ask you to do so and come back again in the Q!)
    being thrown out to come again in the queue for silly reasons?!..
    asking lot of people to know the payment place…
    standing for a long time (no sitting!) just to give the dd in a place where there is no a/c or ventilation..(temp went upto 35 degree celsius)…
    without knowing when we would get the passport (atleast approx time)..,
    there is no proper order or system to get the most important document or ID, the passport.
    It reflects the status of indian govt. and how far chennai has developed!
    I think these people have to learn a lot from VFS-UK or SBI or Sathyam cinemas or atleast Apollo Hospitals!

  197. Hi Prakash,

    Don’t get frustrated. Go and meet RPO on 2nd floor of Shastri Bhavan with yr application receipt and details at 1000 hrs. U will surely get an answer. There wl b lot of crowd and queue, so be prepared to brave all that.
    Alternatively, u can also meet P.A to RPO in Room No.4 – Shastri Bhavan around 1100 hrs. I have seen him helping these type of cases.
    Go ahead and make all these attempts.

    Best of Luck

  198. Hi,

    I applied for passport reissue by Tatkal on August 5th,2010 at Chennai Passport office.Still not received it.I sent several emails and made several calls to the Greivance cell.They are not replying or answering calls.The Website also is not updated(Last updated on August 2nd).Who is the right contact in passport office and what time they are available, which floor?

    I am supposed to travel this month end to US.Donno what to do.

    Please help.

  199. Thanks for your valuable information Ramesh. You all make this blog alive….thanks to all readers…

  200. Hi all,

    Also note that, the photocopies of documents need to be placed within the application as below:
    1 set of documents between 3rd and 4th page of the application and 1 set of documents need to be placed between the PP forms as such. Otherwise, they will ask you to do so and come back. My personal experience.

    Its better to take one sided print-outs so that you can place the documents just before the last page (where the section asks for list of documents attached) and another set between the PP forms.

    In case of Tatkal re-issue and no address change, they will put PVR exemption stamping on the cover and give you back the forms which you need to give at billing counter along with DD (they accept cash as well)
    And it takes just 3 days for Tatkal re-issue and it will be sent by speed post.
    Also, your old passport will be returned to you after stamping as cancelled.
    They will ask you sign in the application on the seal that they put which says you have taken the old passport.
    I have seen so many people asked to return because of address proof. The officers are keen on ration card only. In case of bank passbook ( no statements are allowed as proof), there should good number of years since the account is opened. In case of providing any letters on this regard, please ensure that the designed authority does seal and sign properly. Otherwise, it will not be accepted.
    Now, they seem to allow near 500 people per day. The notice says, token given till 1pm if the date on your application is as current date. First set of tokens are given at first floor at 9am. They put a sticker on your application that mentions your token with counter no (A,B,C or D) along with a number (like A-20,B-32,…) You need to stand for that counter only, and the token will be displayed in the screen. The lunch time roughly between 1 and 2 pm, they will close, so you may have to wait for an hour if u dont complete by 1pm.
    Most importantly, choose the option in drop-down as “Chennai Tatkal”. Though there is no difference in the application, the form number will start as “MAT….” instead of “MAS…”. So, you will be turned back, if you dont have correct form.
    Be prepared to spend near whole day for this. The applicant must be present in person for application-checking. But you can anyone to do the payment after this. Hope this helps someone.


  202. It must have dispatched on 11th. Check with your nearby post office first and then in PP office after 4PM @ Shastri Bhavan

  203. Hi,
    I have applied for passport under tatkal on 4th aug 2010, and they have mentioned it will be dispatch to my address on 11th of aug, but not yet received, i am able to check my details in passport status link, but status has not be updated, for ex as in progress or something like this,

    can you tell me wat may e the proble.

  204. guys the DD for this tatkal must be drawn in favor of


    which one off this is correct …….

  205. Excellent site

  206. Hi ,
    My date of birth in birth certificate different from my educational certificates .Actually My DOB in educational certificate is correct and i was born in 1990.I want to apply passport under tatkal scheme, Mandatory need birth certificate …plz help me what to do….

    Appreciate your help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  207. Hi,
    I have problem while getting passport…
    I don’t have the date of birth cert…But i have all cert that mention dob.
    Passport officers told to me to get cert from municipality.I checked with them they passed NOC to me…(not available) because i born in after 26-1-1989…Plz help me how to get dob cert……
    Many thanks

  208. Hii Ramesha JS,

    Really Hats off for your effort to organize this site! All your information are very valuable!
    The contents you mentioned are Very helpful !

  209. Hii,
    This site is very Useful.
    Lots of valuable information available.
    Thanks to CAPT ARAM comments posted on Jun 21 , I was searching for a notary for Affidavit, I saw his comments , directly went to the place he mentioned, things went smoothly:)

    Also, I would like to post the issue I faced in my passport, which may help if someone facing similar kind of issue

    I was having a passport issued from Tiruchirapalli, (My address was in Tuty) which was 3 yrs back and now tht Jurisdication(Tuty) falls in madurai.
    I am currently staying in chennai
    There was a mistake in passport(Gender was printed wrongly) and dint notice, when I noticed recently, there is no one in Chennai RPO who gave me a proper Reply , Simply they told by seeing the places of Issue to go and ask Trichy RPO.But Since Tuty came under Madurai, All files moved to Madurai RPO. When I called them , they told they will not do any correction(In Observations since it became 3 yrs) and Finally I got some hint from Madurai RPO to apply for reissue.
    So finally decided to apply for reissue from Chennai RPO(since i was having all address proof in chennai) and I applied for Reissue(Tatkal) and got the appointment date.
    As everybody told, for tatkal keep the Documents correctly, so that the the submission process will go smoothly, else they will make you roam around like anything.

    The documents I kept for Tatkal Application –
    1.Ration Card
    2. PanCard and 2 yrs IT return Acknowledgement having Address
    3. Address proof from bank manager(with Photo attested)
    4. Standard affidavit

    I made ready the above said documents, along with the letter regarding my issue and the need for my passport in Tatkal .

    I was expecting a Penalty, But to my surprise no penalty was charged and all documents verified and was given delivery date within 3 days(since its reissue).

    I wanted to put in this site, since so many are following this site and many people are not knowing exactly what need to be done . Even if it helps one person, I willbe happy.

    Thank You:)

  210. hi,
    i have applied for ordinary passport on 3rd august,2010. i can’t check my
    passport status. It says last updated as on 2nd aug,2010. after how many days from submission will i get my passport status. pls help- me

  211. Thanx Ramesha JS,

    This is after all your initiative and your effort, to create and maintain this site. All credits must be given to you for sharing the Passport Info. I had to get my Passport renewed in 10 days, and for this, I made two trips to Passport Office, and gathered all the info required, and found that it is possible to get the Passport renewed in 7 days. I applied on 15.06.10 and got it on 22.06.10.
    I wished the share the info & experience that I gathered, and yr site was already existing and useful – so I put it on yr blog.

    Thanx again,

  212. Thanks Capt.Aram for answering the query’s….if there is any change in policy please share in this forum…may help for who in need….thanks for your support once again.

  213. For Anand : It will take between 60 to 90 days to get your Passport through Non-Tatkal process, so wait patiently.

    For Abu : Get online appointment today. Ignore the date mentioned on it. Go and meet PA to RPO in Room No.4 in 2nd Floor of Shastri Bhavan with valid documents mentioned in my post titled – Capt.Aram dtd:21.06.10

  214. For Anand : It will take between 60 to 75 days in NON-TATKAL process. So be patient.

    For : Get online Appointment for Tatkal. Ignore the date mentioned on that. Go tomorrow itself and meet PA to RPO in Room No.4, 4th Floor, Shastri Bhavan – with all the documents mentioned in my post titled Capt.Aram.

  215. i applied for reissue of passport(NON-TATKAL,ORDINARY) on 08-07-2010,still the status on net shows ” police enquiry report not received . application is in process “. can anyone help me out and tell me how long will it take further to get my passport

  216. i applied for reissue of passport on 08-07-2010,still the status on net shows ” police enquiry report not received . application is in process “. can anyone help me out and tell me how long will it take further to get my passport .

  217. iam applying for passport.

    i have my father’s ration card(with my name as family member). this is one among the items listed from a to i.
    and i have a bank passbook(joint account with my photo and my father’s photo).
    i have my birth certificate. i have voter’s id.but bloody govt. has mentioned my date of birth wrongly and mispelled my name.
    can i use that.or the other 3 is enough.pls help me.
    i belong to genreal community,so i dont have community certificate and i dont have driving license aldo.

    pls help me.urgent

  218. iam applying for passport.

    i have my father’s ration card(with my name as family member). this is one among the items listed from a to i.
    and i have a bank passbook(joint account with my photo and my father’s photo).
    i have my birth certificate. i have voter’s id.but bloody govt. has mentioned my date of birth wrongly and mispelled my name.
    can i use that.or the other 3 is enough.pls help me.urgent

  219. hi,
    I had applied for my passport renewal(Tatkal), but in the tatkal counter they mentioned that for my old passport the police verification was not cleared. so i need to apply in normal procedure. but there is a situation for me to travel urgently (with in a month). is there any procedure for this to get it in a month? Please advice.


  220. Hi

    I went to shastri bhavan for passport renewal.. under Tatkal .. I had taken the form + Annenure F (signed by a central govt.officer) and Annexure I.
    Since I had lived abroad for the past 6 years, I dont have any address proofs in chennai as of now(though I have already applied for ration card/DL/voters id.).. For this reason, I had taken the Annexure F..
    But the officer rejected my appln. saying I need to attach a address proof. When I showed my vodafone postpaid connection bill, she said phone bills are not accepted.
    What should I need to provide ?
    In website I find ann.F & I is enough for Tatkal appln …

    Pl.clarify.. its very urgent..
    I was so disturbed that my appln. was rejected..most of all ..the way the staff treat.. its disgusting..



  221. Thanks for your reply. Pls clarify, in case of going on the date as mentioned in the printed form, i need not go as early as 6am etc right?
    Now im in sydney and reach there in weekend.
    For the affidavit, do i have to give them any document/xerox for obtaining it or just the money will do? (or do i have to get the stamp paper myself, fill it and give to them?)

  222. Hi,
    I just registered through online for passport and i was able to change date to 20july 2010. And the printed form has date as 21 july 2010 on the side.
    So this is the date i need to file the form i think. Pls clarify as to only one if required from either police verification / affidavit . Also, somewhere you mentioned cash not accepted. I got the option and the printed form has cash printed automatically with amount as well.
    Also, still only 150 people allowed? Even after getting resgistration?? Becos the site claims that i need no token or stand in queue and directly stand for submission in second flr. Clarify this please. Thanks

  223. Hi VS,

    For re-issue under NON-Tatkal, it will take about 2 months from the date you submit the application, i.e. if you apply directly, (NOT thru agent ). It is always faster if u apply directly. Agents make lot of false promises and scrutiny is more strict for application submitted thru agents. Note that, it will take abt 2 weeks to get appointment itself, ONLINE.

    Yr 2nd query, Tatkal payment is by DD only, drawn in favour of “REGIONAL PASSPORT OFFICER – CHENNAI”. It does not matter what u mentioned online. Go ahead and take DD. It is a must. Fill up the DD details by hand in the form.
    Apart from Annexure-I and F, two more address proofs are MUST viz :
    1) Ration Card
    2) Driving Licence
    3) BSNL Telephone
    4) Voter’s ID card
    5) Bank Passbook(showing current address)+latest statemnt
    and many others listed in Passport Office Govt website.

    Any further doubts ask me at


  224. Hi,

    How many days it will take to get the passport if we apply for reissue of passport under non-Tatkal in Chennai (if address change is there, original passport issued at hyderabad)


  225. OK everyone,
    I received my Passport on 25th June by EMS Speedpost. Passport issue is dated 21.06.10. Police verification was done on 26th. Some cases have PVR exemption. (Probably Bunny’s case is that). I know of one more case where the application was stamped PVR exempted. Tks to Ganesh for sharing this info.

    All finished. Happy for 10 years.
    To recap :
    1) You have to apply online only for Passport Appln.
    2) The appointed date can be pre-poned with proof of urgency.
    3) PP is issued within a week.

    best of luck

  226. Hi,

    do we need to pay the fee in DD only for Tatkal,Chennai, some people say Cash is also accepted.
    i mentioned cash while applying for tatkal online. Can i take a DD now. On whose favour we need to take DD ?

    I need to apply for reissue my passport. Under Tatkal, If i produce Annexure F and Annexure I, is these two documents are enough or i need to produce any address proofs again if change in address?


  227. For Bunny ,
    Police verification maybe done upto 3 months form the date of your application, so just hang on. If the Police verification is NOT satisfactorily completed, there are chances that you will get held up at the airport while flying out of India and you will have to visit Shastri Bhavan to clear this.
    All the best,

  228. It’s been close to 1 month since i have received tatkaal passport but police verification is yet to be taken up. Any one with apt info on this?

  229. 15.06.10 : At Chennai – Tips for getting Passport fast by Tatkal.
    I applied for Passport Re-issue (renewal after 10 years) on 15.06.2010.
    1) Applying online is MUST. For Tatkal select “Chennai-Tatkal” in the pull down menu. Fill up all form fields correctly and save. Printout the form. There will be no mention of Tatkal anywhere – Don’t worry.
    2) Don’t get dejected if the appointment date is about two weeks away. If you want Passport in one week, printout this form (with 20 days away date) and go and meet PA to Asst. RPO at Shastri Bhavan 4th floor – Room No.4.
    3) You must have Proof of urgency letter i.e. air-ticket, company letter etc alongwith a request letter from you. This man (PA) wl give a X token.
    4) Get the PP appln verified at 1400 hrs on 2nd floor entrance (Misc counter). After verification he wl put yr appln in a Tatkal file. See below for what docs are reqd fr Tatkal appln.
    5) Make a DD for Rs.2500/- and make the payment at 1400 hrs and last counter. CASH is not accepted.
    6) U shud get yr PP within a week.

    Docs reqd fr Tatkal :
    1) Annexure-I : Affidavit fm Notary – Get fm Notary Public next to Shastri bhavan opp Standard Chartered Bank. Cost Rs.150/- only.
    2) Annexure-F : Verification certificate fm officials given in that list
    3) Address proof : 3 docs if change of address fm prev PP.
    4) Degree cert : for ECNR stamp
    5) Any other document that u mentioned while filling up the form.

    If not urgent then go on appointed date to shastri bhavan at 0700 hrs. U wl surely get one of the 150 tokens given for the day at 1st floor. Proceed to 2nd floor, verify docs and make payment. Make sure u take the DD Rs.2500/- for Tatkal.

    If applying NORMAL (Non-Tatkal) then go on appointed date, docs verified at ground floor. Make payment at 2nd floor.

    Any doubts ask me at

  230. Is this chennai tatkal link usually down after 830pm? After lot of research I sit with all the details and voila .. the site is down!!!

  231. for Bindu,

    hello Bindu , I am naveen from chennai, having the same problem in last two week….
    my friend told me that i shall b get my passport with in 30 days after police verification…..
    So if you fineshed police verification u’ll get it with in 10 days…. or else it will take 20-30 days ……

  232. hi,

    I am naveen from chennai, I have applied on june 3rd under thakkal method, Certificate verificatiion also completed & I got a payslip, but i didt get either of passport or police verification, plzzzzzzz tell me when will i get passport( before police verification or after police verification)

  233. hi i have applied for tatkal

    Can someone plz tell me.. is it mandatory to submit Annexure F for all tatkal applications

  234. Thanks for sharing your information in this blog, My Passport is going to Expire, i am in need of Police Clearance Certificate(PCC) as well as Reissue of Passport in Tatkal Scheme.

    Will it be possible for me to Apply PCC and Reissue of Passport in One Stroke of the Application. Also How many days will it take for Reissue of passport under Tatkal scheme. Is Annexure ‘I’ a mandatory one.

    Kindly suggest your comments so that i may proceed further.

    Thanks in advance.

    Senthil Kumar K R
    Poonamalee, Chennai.

  235. hi friends,
    I recently got my fresh passport after applying addition booklet,in that the address was mentioned with additional word ROAD with area name,is it fine ? or if i want to correct what i should do ?

    thanks for the help.

  236. hello,

    Please advise me, I havent received my passport yet. I applied in tatkal & its more tahn 2 weeks, plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz advise.

  237. Hi,

    I applied for passport in tatkal scheme and got in 7 days through speed post. Unfortunately, during police verification, i was out of station and i had to apply for police clearance certificate. I applied for PCC on Jan ’10 and my police verification got over.
    still i did’nt get my passport.
    I went to sastri bhavan 4 to 5 times and enquired about the status. They told its under process.
    What should i do to get my passport?

  238. Dear Sir,
    I want to apply in thatkal schme for my wife. Is there any possible to apply in cuddalore passport office. because i belongs to that district. please guide me and reply as soon as possible.

  239. Dear Sir,
    I am kumaravel from saudi arabia. I have applied for a pasport for my wife in 13,november,2008. Still now we did not get her passport. In the website it is showing that the police enquiry has been cleared and the application is under process since febraury 2009. Also my wife went to the passport office and made enquiry in december 2009. They told to bring and submit all the documents again. we have submitted all the doucments again and they told again the police enquiry will come in one month and we will issue the passport then. But still now we did not get the police enquiry. Sir please try to understand my situation. I have the family visa status in my hand and i am not able to bring my family. I am struggling without seeing my son. I am waiting for the last one and half year. Sir, please guide what to do for this. I am ready to take passport in thatkal type. So what i have to do to cancell the present procedure and apply for a thatkal passport. Because after getting my wife passport only i can apply for my son and i have to go for the further procedure. So please guide in this matter and give me a good solution. If you give me your mobile number i can speak to you for further detailed confrence. So that i can explain my problem and i can listen your guidance properly. So please give me a favoubarale reply as soon as possible.
    Thanks and Regards,
    Kumaravel jayaraman.

  240. Good Article. I’ll be back for your next post…

  241. The site is good as it gives good information.

    I want to know whether at Mumbai Passport Office whether they accept manual application for new passport under tatkal scheme? or we have to first apply on line?

    Urgent reply will be highly appreciated

  242. I think this post is very helpful – I have just written about my experience last week, in January 2010 – very similar. there may be some more things that are useful – you can find it at:



  244. i needed a passport but the thing is my name spells differently in my school document and my voter card so can i get it without those affidavit and all.

  245. Hi Ramesh,

    Thanks a lot for the valuable information shared to all.
    I have a question:
    For applying passport in Tatkal, I do have 3 documents ( VoterID, Bank PassBook and Ration Card) out of the three In Voter ID the street address is marked as different where as in ration card and bank passbook the street address is correct. Will it be a problem for applying in tatkal scheme else what i have to do for the scenario.
    Please help me.

    Thanks a TON,

  246. Hi,
    I am from AP resident and working in MNC in chennai from last 1 and half year .I want to apply a passport in takkal mode in chennai.
    I have bank account with HDFC as a salary account.I have PAN card taken in Hyderabad.
    and also have SSLC(10th) certificate.
    Is Address proof valid given by MNC ?
    Plz let me know the above mentioned documents are enough or not?
    and Let me know What are the additational documents needed?

  247. sir, i filled my father name wrongly in the online registration form…
    wat to do sir???

    my date s on 27th november…

    give me some ideas regarding it…..

  248. Hi,

    Great job.. This is really useful..
    I hav a small doubt. Annexure I can be got on the same day rite..
    ll there b any problem in getting it..

  249. I would like to know whether i need to get Sworn Affidavit from my husband residing in USA (Indian Citizen) for applying passport form chennai for my 2 months old baby….

  250. i need to apply pass port

  251. I am applying for tatkal pp for my 6mths baby. what is the tatkal fee and what are the documents required. Should I produce Annexure F affidavit?

  252. I need a Tatkal Passport ,I have a ration card, PAN and SSLC mark sheet, So i got a annexure F signed by Tahsildhar. So what are the further steps i need to take? Are the documents enough?

  253. Hi,
    I need a new passport in lieu of a damaged passport – under Tatkal scheme.
    I am unable to find out what documents I need to submit – I dont have a ration card, voter ID and DL are in different addresses, living at current address for 3 months only, obtained Affidavit (Annex I), have a letter from office with my address, and have a bank statement for one year
    What else would i need and in what order should these be submitted?


  254. hi
    I urgently need to apply for reissue of my passport but since i work in a psu they r asking for no objection certificate from my office which takes much time. is there any alternative way for me to get my passport immediately.

  255. Hello,

    I have a query abt the Tatkal passport applied chennai.

    I live in germany and visited india during the beginning of this year, while my passport was getting expired in few months from then i applied for tatkal passport in chennai thru an agent and got the tatkal passport. Immediately after i got the passport i had finished my vacation and traveled to germany.
    The police verification has been done in my parmanent adress where my parents stay and they have informed that i had left to germany.

    Now after 7 months chennai PP office has sent a letter to my chennai address that i have to surrender my passport in 20 days as my verification by police was not cleared. when my people contacted policestation, they said there was no issue. Travel agent said its a standard letter and to email PP office / call – but didnt get any response. Then my people visited passport office in chennai and were informed that I have to contact the indian embassy in germany. However Indian embassy said that it has to be delt with the passport office in chennai.

    Can you please let me know if you have any insight with respect to this problem.

    Awaiting your reply. I have just a week time. Thanks in advance.

  256. awesome!!!

  257. Excellent site, keep up the good work

  258. You made some good points there. I did a search on the topic and found most people will agree with your blog.


  259. This site rocks!

  260. Great site…keep up the good work.

  261. How can we track the application in tatkal scheme once we apply? There is tracking for regular applications not tatkal

  262. Is “ANNEXTURE F” really required if we are submitting enough proof of our residence, date of birth?

  263. Dear sir,

    01. For tatkal passport services, what are the documents are reqired.

    02. iam recently changed my residence. so i d’nt have address proof. if i change the running bank account address to present address. it is possible to use as a address proof.

    Please reply me soon.

    Thanking you

    m.p. Gajendra babu.

  264. In my earlier comment, the statement within quotes refers to the verification certificate.


  265. Hi,

    I am applying for renewal of my passport on the 7th of August under Tatkal Scheme. According to the passport office website,
    “(To be given in Duplicate* along with Standard Affidavit as at Annexure “I” ). Does this mean I need to have two original verification certificates or one original and a copy of the same?


  266. Brilliant blog ! I have the following query .

    My visa is on hold as my passport is damaged .I need to take a ne passport

    1.For the past 2 and half i did not live in india ,Now i came to india and went for
    visa stamping and Unfortunately visa is on hold as the passport is damaged ,i need to
    take a new passport.Since i was not here in india for the last 2 years.I dont have proper
    address proof .etc .I no more live in the address mentioned in my passport

    What is the solution for me ? (Is Annuxure F is the only solution

  267. Respected sir,

    I am in need of passport urgently so wish to apply for fresh passport in Tatkal Scheme. I’ve some problems regarding documents needed.

     Problems are:

     My Name in election identity card is spelled wrongly as “Ezhilayakhan” instead of K.R.Ezhilazhagan, so I can’t able to use it,
     My home is rental & we changed our house twice in a year, so having limited address proofs only.
     I’m having only one proper identity proof of PAN card only & no any other Identity proof for me.
     Now I’m having two address proofs only, Ration Card & Canara Bank account Pass book.
     But Bank account opened two weeks back only,but I heard it should be opened minimum one year before for tatkal scheme.

     Contact Address:
    S/o: K.E.Rajendran
    No:10, 43/220B,
    Parimelazhagar street,
    Rajajipuram New Colony,
    Tamilnadu, India.

     E-Mail ID:

     Mobile Number:

     +91-9790013930

    So please guide & help me to get passport under tatkal scheme ASAP.I want to know how much money(including your service charges) have to be consume for applying Fresh Passport under Tatkal Scheme.

    Please revert for this mail as soon as possible. Waiting for your Favourable reply.

    Thanks & Regards,


  268. sir for tatkal appliction can i go with any 3 documents 1 pan card 2. bank pass book. 3. telephone bill 4 gas registration book along with annexure i and verification certificate.? i dont have 10 marks card i have lost them. so please tell what else can i submit ,i need passport urgently.

  269. Is there any separate application for TATKAL???? pls tell me the current status..

  270. Is there any separate application for TATKAL???? pls tell me the current status..

  271. Hi Ramesh,

    Wat is the cut off date and appointment date..its confusing….if i submit my online tatkal application…when should i go ( i mean at the appointment date?)

  272. I had submitted my passport on 15-6-2009 in Tatkal. In Passport enquiry site now it is showing as “Your Passport has been despatch on 23-6-2009”.But when I enquire in police station they said that no intimation has been for my passport.
    When can I received my passport and what is the next process after verification.I think that it is more than a week.
    One of my friend applied in the same Tatkal he got his passport in a week.How come it is ?

  273. I made a mistake in filling the online application which I noticed only while printing. can I apply again? or just ask the officials to edit it. I wrote my parents surname after their full name and in the form it got print in the reverse order. i.e full name in place of surname and vice verse.

  274. Hi,

    I have applied passport in normal scheme. i took almost 45 days. The status is still showing that UNDER PROCESS.

    Any idea ( Roughly) how long will it take to receive the passport.

    My passport had expired and reapplied.

    any friends who had come across such situations … please let me know.

    any ideas on how to get it faster ?



  275. Hi..

    I got my passport today.. Thanks to your info. in blog, i was able to understand the tedious process of getting passport thro Tatkal

    It takes exactly 7 working days (excluding the day on which you have submitted your application) and not 5 as said in Shastri Bhavan.

    Thanks once again

  276. Hi..

    I got my passport today.. Thanks to your info. in blog, i was able to understand the tedious process of getting passport thro Tatkal

    It takes exactly 7 working days (excluding the date you have submitted the application) and not 5 as said in Shastri Bhavan.

    Thanks once again

  277. hi please tell me for which name we should take DD in tatkal scheme

    pls reply as soon as possible

  278. the online website doesnt seems to work,
    so if i go directly to shastribhavan will it do.

    i have got pass book, bsnl telephone bill, land documents, driving licence(bt other state)

    n a expired passport…

    will these documents do

  279. Hi, could you assist me in getting a fresh passport in a day or two. Is it possible. Who should be involved in it. It is very urgent.

  280. I would also like to clarify what is the procedure to get back the passport once it goes to passport office, my friend was asking me this.

    One more thing, all the applicants need to arrange the documents in proper manner (i.e inside appln. the 1st one is to be affidavit followed by ration card n other documents) as stated in 1st floor of passport office, otherwise they are made to send back and arrange and again join the queue.

    Some ppl on my day after waiting the whole day in queue they were not aware of the order in which the documents have to be arranged,when their turn came the checking officer declined seeing any documents and asked them to arrange it properly, After arranging they were made to stand back of queue in 2nd floor , which delayed their verfication by an hour, though a rare scenario, it is not worth risking.

    Last, my sincere thanks to you for making me understand the procedure and i will let you knw when i get my passport.

    P.S : Arrangement of documents if people are still confused after reading it in passport office.. they can go ahead with some agents in ground floor who would do it for Rs 10

  281. Hi…

    Thanks for responding..

    I went early this morning and got my passport verified and my dispatch date is on 1st of june. So, when will i get my passport,its on 1st itself or 2nd or any day later ?

    I need to have one more thing clarified, if at al we are not present in our home at the time of passport being delivered at our home, how long it will be kept in Speed Post office of our area and if it is returned to passport office again, what are the procedures to get it back ?

    You have been a great help to me, i really appreciate the work you are doing on the blog regarding getting passport through tatkal

    PS: The number has been increased from 60 to 150 for each day, as 150 people were given tokens today for Tatkaak pre-enrollment.

  282. Hi..

    Your info about tatkal passport appln. was very useful. It is really confusing if we go there as no ppl are thr to really help u out..

    I have the following documents with me
    1) VOTER ID

    Are these 3 docu enough along with Affidative I ??

    I had got my appointment on 5th june and i need it a little bit earlier

    So i can take all these docu. and stand in the queue early morn so i can file in my appln on tat day itself. Is that right ??

    Finally, is cash alright or do i have to place only a DD ? If DD on exactly whose name we have to fill it

    Thanks in advance

    From: ramesh js
    To: Sandeep……….
    Sent: Monday, 25 May 2009 5:38:14
    Subject: Re: [Gopuram] Comment: “Few points while obtaining Tatkal Passport @ Chennai RPO.”

    Thanks for visiting the blog.

    Affidavit required only for tatkal. for normal not required. As your appointment date is on 5th June this general Que and not tatkal. So on June 5 Th directly you can go to the counter at 3 floor on the printed time. No Que required.

    If needed via tatkal go to PP early morning this week tommotrow to friday (your date is already in cutt off time) and wait in the que. Only 60 applications allowed per day.

    For Genaral application cash accepted for Tatkal only DD.


    Ramesha JS

  283. Hi,

    I have applied Fresh Passport(for my wife) under Tatkaal scheme thru online submission.

    I have couple of questions.

    1. My appointment date & time – 22-May-09 & 10.15AM.
    Is it not enough to be there in RPO by 9AM ?

    2. I understand that, Annex F is not required, if we have 2 valid address proof.
    I have Ration Card & State Bank of India’s Savings account as address proof and Voter ID has her native town address.
    Is that enough ?

    Could you please get back to me at the earliest as my appointment date is coming FRIDAY.


  284. Hi!

    I have a doubt regarding the appointment date. The appointment date given to me is June 1st. But due to emergency I need to acquire my passport by May 25th. Is it okay for me to stand in the 2nd floor que for passport before the appointment date? Lets suppose on 18th May itself? If I come well in advance at 5.00 a.m?

  285. Pls clear my doubts. Is it enough if i produce the original and photostat copies of the following.
    1. Birth cetrificate
    2. Ration card
    3. College ID card
    4. OBC certificate.
    5. Affidavit (Annexure I) for tatkaal scheme.
    How many copies should i take with me. Do i ve to get those copies attested by any gazetted officer.

    Very urgent. Pls reply soon.


  286. Thanks a million Ramesha. It is guys like you who make it bearable for others like us to survive in this god forsaken country. I have been running up and down to the RPO for days and have not been able to get any clear info. The official websites seem intentionally vague and incomplete. The people on the desks in and outside the passport office, who are supposed to be of help mostly (unintentionally?) mislead, and hardly spend time informing correctly.
    Finally one has to just put up one’s hands and give up in sheer disgust and dispair.
    The new online system seems well designed to help the RPOs slow down the process even further, so that they can create a parellel system with the help of selected travel agents to force desperate people to pay hefty amounts under the table to get these simple things done in time.
    With the info on Tatkal that you provided, I will try once more and see if my cut off date is close enough for me to get my kids passports renewed so that they can make it for a sudden unexpected but vital trip overseas.

  287. Hi,

    After submission of preponed applications, how will the online status reflect?

    On the reverse of my receipt they have mentioned a date. Does it mean the PP will be delivered by that date?

    But the online status shows…”Police report not received”

    Please help me with the information.

  288. From: kavitha jaikar
    To: ramesh js
    Sent: Thursday, 9 April 2009 9:37:31
    Subject: Re: [Gopuram] Please moderate: “Few points while obtaining Tatkal Passport @ Chennai RPO.”

    Thanks again for immediate reply along with details on information sought by me. It is a great releif to know that I dont have to produce Annexure F. I have the required photo identity and the address proof. Thanks again for the valuable help and I am sure many will use your information on tatkal as I am one of the many who face tremondous hardship as we are not supplied with many information like the cut off date for tatkal. Inspite of several visits to Shasthri Bhavan we were not able to get the required doubts cleared by them and moreover no body shares anything. Thanks again.


    On Tue, Apr 7, 2009 at 9:31 PM, ramesh js wrote:
    Hi Kavitha,

    Thanks for your comment n visiting my blog.

    Annex F is not compulsory. This is for the person who do not have the valid 2 address proofs. With annex I just attacth, Phot ID (Pan card or DL), Two Valid addreess proof(Ration Card, Gas connection, Voter ID, DL), Birth Certificate.

  289. thank you for the useful info on tatkal pp application proceedure. It was very very useful. I request one more information. You have not mentioned anything about the
    verification certificate that is to be produced as Anexure F.
    and no.2
    how many days does it take for them to issue a new pp under tatkal after submitting all the required documents

    Hope i will get the answers at the earliest from you

    Thanks again



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