Posted by: Ramesha JS | December 20, 2010

Nature walk on Jigani lake bund_Dec III sunday Bird watch

Past two months 3rd Sunday birding I couldn’t make up. This month Nature walk and Birding scheduled at Jigani Lake. Its a very big tank and as usual of other lakes its also sinking slowly. Around the lake one can see the garbage dumping and steady growth of urbanization. This will slowly swallow the lake.

When I left in the early   morning 30km ride become very challenging  to me due to cold wind. Unable to bear the cold raised the throttle but road didn’t allow to take control until reaches the Bannerghatta circle. Later managed to reach Jigani by 6.30 am.  I passed the lake and road got confused and called Mahesh, he told to come back to Jigani bus stand to have a tea and proceed. When sun raised slowly people gathered at Tea shop. Had a hot tea which gives a little energy and body got warm up. It was good crowd today.

Subbu sir explained the evolution of water bodies and there needs, how different types of birds spread across the lake  and what caused birds disappearance from lakes today around city. 

Then we went around the tank, found various birds,  learnt few things, totally enjoyed the day.

I had a great day with team today and rest will follow in snaps. Click the below link to access the album.

December Third Sunday Birding

 (c) Ramesha JS



  1. Loved the account Ramesha! May I post the link to the bngbirds group, too, apart from Facebook?

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