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Travel date 14.04.2008

From Thennagur to Uthiramerur (UTMR) I had to wait nearly one hr for bus. Busses coming from Vandavasi towards Chennai will not stop at Thennagur, by 10.15 I got the bus (same Chennai buses 104/148 ) and reached UTMR by 10.55.




click the above link to see the snaps of Utthiramerur Temple


 Temple is visible from far away. Walkable distance from Bus stand. On the road corner while coming from Vandavasi some buses may stop on request. Outside the main temple complex, there is a temple tank and tap water available inside to wash Ur legs. First visited Sri Anandavalli Sametha Sundaravarada Swami temple. As crowd was not there had a peaceful darshan. It’s beautiful temple architecture with 3 tire structure. The unique thing about this temple is there are nine deities under one Vimanam.It has been told that Chennai Astha Lakshmi temple @ Bestan Nagar on sea shore has built based on Uthiramerur architecture.


 Lord Perumal temple was built around 750 A.D. during the Pallava rule, but underwent a second great renovation in the hands of Rajendra Chola in 1013 A.D., and again in the reign of the great Vijayanagar Emperor, Krishnadevaraya in 1520 A.D. It is interesting how in every aspect of life the highest standard of democracy was enforced in Uttiramerur.



In the Main (Ground) level,

  • Sri Sundaravarada (main deity for the temple) is facing east in standing posture with his consorts.

If you go around the shrine in clockwise direction, you can see all the deities in the main level are in standing posture

  • · Sri Achudavarada shrine facing south,
  • · Sri Anirudravarada shrine facing west and
  • · SriKalyanavarada shrine facing north.

In the Second level,

Sri Vaikundavarada is facing east in sitting posture with His consorts. If you go around the Vimanam in clock wise direction in this level,

  • · Sri Krishna with Sri Arjuna faces south,
  • · Sri Yoga Narasimha facing West and
  • · Sri Varaha Murthi with Lakshmi facing north

In the Third level,

  • Lord Vishnu in reclining posture as Anandasayani with Brahma, Siva, Saptha rishis and others.

Temple was preparing for Bhrahmothsavam a 10 day festival from 14.04.2008. 

After having the darshan had prasadam. Just opposite to the temple entrance there is a small but huge Anjaneyar temple and lord Hanuman carved on the rock. Had darshan here and went to Murugan Temple next to Perumal koil.


Walk along the Perumal temple wall and at the end left side an open space market is there, Temple tower is visible. Temple tank is there but not clean. The whole area is used as open market. Lord Muruga is here as BALA MURUGAN a beautiful image. When I entered the temple due to New year out side the prakaram Homa was conducted, inside the sanctum sanctorum abhishekam was going on to lord Muruga, I stayed there for few minutes and left the temple.


Next to the Bus stand an ancient Shiva is there which is maintained by ASI and area has been kept very neat but temple was locked. Its looks more like a monument rather than a temple!!


Photos and Write-up © Ramesha JS-Chennai

=> Next temple: Thirupulivanam-Kadambar Koil-Maagaral


  1. Hai readers uttiramerur is very nice place, i like somany place in the town, particularly lake and saround ara is very nice.

  2. hai readers uttiramerur is one of the fast developing religious place,
    my famous place is iyer sweets over there
    just mouth watering

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