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After reaching Kanchi at 4.15pm had some refreshment and charged ,catch the Bus towards Chengalpattu to visit Pazhaya Seevaram and Thirumukkodal. Route No. 212B goes to Chengalpattu via Wallajabadh PSV is 20 Km from Kanchi after Wallajabadh. Hence don’t catch CHENNAI Bus from Kanchi to Travel PSV. Travel Time 30 min ( 4-45 to 5-15Pm)


A beautiful well maintained Lord Sri Lakshmi Narashima temple on a small hillock on the banks of Palar River. Being the new year day there was little much crowd in the temple. There in the sanctum sanctorum a small boy around the age of 12 or 14 performed the archana, Aarathi with clearly and loudly reciting the slokam. Definitely he is the generation next. He should be appreciated for having the interest at this age. Having the lord’s darshan I went to another temple on the opposite end of river Palar which is the confluence of three rivers (Palar, Cheyar, Vegavathi) called Thirumukkoodal.




 Click above to have a look of temples photos-Ramesh

By 5.45 I started from PSV towards TMKDL by walk on bridge across Palar. There is no water and river is full of busy Lorries loading sand onto it. By 6-10 I reached TMKDL  Sri Appan Venkatesa Perumal temple. This is very well maintained by ASI (Archeological Survey of India). Temple was full as it is New Year day. Lord here is in Standing Posture and beautifully decorated. Find the below link reg the epigraph on the temple

 This temple which once reverberated with the sound of Vedic chanting and the recitation of Sanskrit texts now stands a mute testimony to the glorious times of the Pallavas and the Cholas, whose kings, besides being great conquerors and administrators strove for the propagation of learning and literature.

 The tiny village of Thirumukkoodal in Kanchipuram district, about 75 km from Chennai, dates back to the Pallava era. It earns its name from the picturesque location it is situated at — the confluence of the Palar and two of its tributaries, the Vegavathi and the Cheyyar. An inscription engraved in this shrine is ample proof that a temple dedicated to Venkatesa Perumal found on the deserted outskirts of this village, overlooking the now-dry rivers existed as early as the ninth century A.D.

The main sanctum sanctorum of this temple, which faces north, houses the imposing image of Lord Venkateswara, also known as Appan Venkatesa Perumal in a standing posture with sage Markandeya and Goddess Boomadevi seen meditating at his feet. The way to the sanctum sanctorum is through a large-pillared mantapa.

According to the epigraphs in this shrine, Thirumukkoodal was situated in the ancient territorial sub-division called Madhurantaka-Chaturvedimangalam which was a part of Kalatur-kottam, a district of Jayamkonda-chola-mandalam. Luckily, this shrine as well as the inscriptions here have been preserved well. The temple is a protected monument under the care of the Archaeological Survey of India.






By 6.40 I left from TMKDL and I was lost my energy full. Un able to walk asked lift for some one to cross the bridge. At 6.55 I got the bus to Chengalpattu and reached there by 7.25. After a day full of Pilgrimage, with full satisfaction get prepared for an another busy week ahead. From Chengalpattu catch the train at 7.55 and reached CHENNAI by 9.30.


Photos and Write-up © Ramesha JS-Chennai






  1. Please visit this temple. This is really very good. You can contact the priest of the temple. His phone no. is 9444915722 & 9443778352 to perform any pooja offerings.

  2. Sir,

    I have come accross ur web blog . It was very interesting and more informative. ur comment on every temples, and photos is Excellent.

    Hats off to ur effort
    keep bloging

  3. Hello there. I was sent a link to your blog by a friend a while ago. I have been reading a long for a while now. Just wanted to say HI. Thanks for putting in all the hard work.

    Jennifer Lancey

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