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Koodli-Confluence of Tunga and Bhadra River

Recently I went to my native, which was saw  happiest  and sad moments of my life. to meet my childhood friends, my schools at Bhadravathi. That i will post later. On sunday morning I with my friend went to Koodli, which i frequently visited during College Days.



Koodli is a small village with very Big heritage behind. It is 16 Kms from Shimoga on Holehonnur – Channagiri Road and the same distance from Bhadravathi, Steel Town.

Bridge view

Rivers Tunga(ತುಂಗಾ ನದಿ)  and Bhadra(ಭದ್ರಾ ನದಿ) -Joins here, hence the name Koodli . From here onwards both rivers together became TUNGABHADRA till it joins KRISHNA river in Andra Pradesh and finally dissolves in Bay of Bengal.

TUNGA RIVER born in the Western Ghats on a hill known as Varaha Parvata at a place called Gangamoola. From here, the river flows through two districts in Karnataka -Chikmagalur District and Shimoga District. It is 147 km long and merges with the Bhadra River at Koodli. The river is famous for the sweetness of its water. There is a belief that       ” Thunga panam Ganga snanum” which means we should drink the water of river thunga and take bath in river Ganga.

BHADRA RIVER  born in the Western Ghats range, and flows east across theDeccan Plateau, joined by its tributaries the Somavahini, Thadabehalla, and Odirayanahalla. The river flows through the Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary. A dam was built across the river near Lakkavalli. The Bhadra meets the Tunga River at Koodli.

Sangama View

On the banks of the confluence there is an age old temple built by Hoysala and Ikkeri Kings  called Rameshwara Temple.  A beautifully maintained, with gardens, lawns and more over neatness by ASI (Archelogical Survey of India).  


Rameshwara2Behind the temple a  small roofless temple with nandi denotes the exact point where the two rivers meet, and is considered to be very sacred. At sangama lord called  as Sangameshwara. At confluence point there will be always water.

Sangama View1

While going to the river on the left side we can find another famous temple, which is Kshetra Devate  Sri Chitamani Narasimha Swamy Temple beside the Sangameshwara temple.It belived to be installed & worshipped by Sri Prahlada.


Extract from Wekipedia:

There are two mutt in the Koodli. One is Shankara mutt (Advaita Philosophy) & another one is Akshobhya thirtha Mutt (Dvaita Philosophy).

Shankara Mutt

There is very old Indian style school of learning for Shankara philosophy, called the koodli mutt. This has a long history: onetime in 15th or 16th century, the chief swami of shringeri had gone to a teerthayaatre, probably to kashi. He did not return for a long time, which caused the deputy chief to take up the chief’s position. But the chief was alive and did return to Shringeri after a few days. But he of course could not go in to the matt where his own pupil was the chief, so he left shringeri and started his own matt at the sangama of tunga and bhadra, kudli, and this came to be known as kudli Shringeri mutt. Now in the beginning of 1900s, a new swami took the position of the chief swamy here. He was formerly the teacher of his highness Krishnaraya Wodeyar the 4th, Maharaja of mysore. This brought good times to this matt again. Between the original founder and this person, few talented persons had been chiefs here, who made this place, keep up the standards. After independence, one particular person was very talented and influential, and made the mutt a noted place again.


shankara mutt

Arya Akshobhya Thirtha Mutt

It has stated by Sri Akshobhya Thirtha (one of the prominent disciples of Sri Madhvacharya) around 13th or 14th Century. Sri Mutt had very good scholar of Sanskrit & Madhvacharya’s philosophy as there Petadhipathies (Cheif Swami) till to date.  There is very well maintained Goshala (Cow yard) by AAT Mutt.


At the entrance of the village, Sri Bhrameshwara Swami welcomes you to koodli.  Further you will see Bhavani Shankara Temple, Vidhya Shankara Temple, and  few many small temples are there in this single road village. 


Uniqueness  of Koodli Village.

* Combination of Dvaitha  and Advitha Philosophy

* Onthe Right side of the houses River Tunga Flows and on the Left side houses River Bhadra Flows.

* In this small hamlet, the hindus religious place Muslims also reside together. They have built two mosques here.  They stay entrance of the village.

The Sad thing noticed here is below monuments are thrown on the road side and lies along the cow dung etc..Can ASI give life to these monumnets and shift to safer place.

Fate of Monumnets

By noon we returned back to Bhadravathi and after having a lunch in my friend house bid adieu to them and left to Shimoga……



How to reach  Koodli.

From Shimoga>–> Buses available any time.  Buses plying towards Chitradurga,  Channagiri passes via Holehonnur.  Getdown at Koodli entrance and walk 2kms inside or get down at Holehonnur and catch the Auto to Koodli.  Travel time from Shimoga to Koodli is 30min to 45mins.

From Bhadravathi>–> Buses available to Hole honnur 14kms and from there get an Auto to Koodli which is 3kms from there.  Travel time from Bhadravathi to Koodli is 30min to 45mins.


–Photos and Article by Ramesha JS



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  20. Ramesh,very nice article on Kudli,thanks for taking me to this place by ur good blog.Good to know bus facility has increased much these days.I remember walking one time till -8 kilometers to get bus to come to Old town to new colony Bhadravathi.It was such a hard task.I have plans to visit with my kids,based on ur report,I must see this place have a good darshana of the Lord and also have bath in the holy confluence of Tunga-Bhadra.

  21. thanks a lot for all the info. myin-laws are planning to go to shimoga and koodali… is there ay place to stay at kudali??? how far is sringeri from judali? are there buses?

  22. […] Koodli-Confluence of Tunga and Bhadra River « GopuramIt is 147 km long and merges with the Bhadra River at Koodli. The river is famous for the sweetness of its water. There is a belief that ” Thunga panam Ganga snanum” which means we should drink the water of river thunga and take bath in … Travel time from Shimoga to Koodli is 30min to 45mins. From Bhadravathi>–> Buses available to Hole honnur 14kms and from there get an Auto to Koodli which is 3kms from there. Travel time from Bhadravathi to Koodli is 30min to 45mins. … […]

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