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Hornbill’s and Birds of Dandeli Anshi Tiger Reserve Forest

Dandeli is a small town in Uttara Kannada District,  situated on the banks of river Kali on Dharwad – Karwar Road. From Bangalore capital city of Karnataka around 500 kms. The Syntheri Rocks, Wild life santury’s Kulagi Nature Camp,  Kali River Rafting are the prime attractions. The thick lush green Westran Ghats surrounded by this town made a happy home for wild animals and  birds and after long time struggle Government of Karnataka has declared Dandeli Wildlife Santuary and Anshi Santuary area together as DATR (Dandeli Anshi Tiger Reserve).

Wild Life tourism has spread every nook and corner of this tiny town, Both Government and many private lodges had setup and tourists come here never tought of importance of nature andwild life  habibits, They drink, dance and leave tons together of toxic waste inside the forest.  Please dont go all the way to  spoil the nature.  Apart from this here in Dandeli the local  youngsters had form a group and running a beutiful Home Stays in there farm lands. Will publish in separate article.

Horn Bills are the big birds which are listed in world endangerd species. To ensure conservation of the rare ‘Hornbills,’ and educate people about it, the State Forest Department along with the  Karnataka State Tourism Department have embarked upon a programme called ‘Hornbill trail’ in Dandeli town.  Four species of Horn Bill can be found here throughout the year as they made Dandeli as there home town.

  • Common Grey Hornbill
  • Malabar Grey Hornbill
  • Malabar Pied Hornbill   
  • Great Pied Hornbill

   Previous night the place where we stayed I was capturing a Spider and that time I intracted with a person Miland who explained about that spider and while talking told morning we are visiting Dandeli to see Hornbills. At that time I never know  about  the geography of this timber depot.  I taught that  Timber depo means a small area with few trees and easily find the birds.  He told to contact him in the morning. He also runs a beautiful small home stay and conducts  bird trail and other activities. I would like to meet him again as his knowledge on wildlife, birds are awesome.  And a worth vist  as I got a good friend.  Morning  we reached his home and he took us to Timber depot from backside entrance and shocked to see that place. A beautiful small forest area.  Milind showed me the path and explained how to go around the depot and back. Thanks Miland for your help.  He showed me the Racket tailed Drongo on the tree. 

Along with my brother we started the trail showed by Miland and watched many birds flying actively. But my eyes were searching  for Horn Bills.  In search of them we missed the path and claimbed the small hill and there was A  wonder. An grey hornbill passed and  we followed. Found they were sitting far away and we almost deviated from the original path.  After observing these birds taking the snaps and finally we were back on  trail path which was indicating 2 kms.  On the move along trial path I found on a tree Great Indian Hornbill or Great Pied Hornbill. The gigantic bird lovely to see and sad to know that people kill them for meat and ornaments. I watched untill it flew away and its another wonder is its wing beat which  can be here far away when it fly.

Other than birds the common sighting here is Malbar Gaint Squirrel. Its swift action of jumping trees to trees is a wonder.

  •  Racket Tailed Drongo
  •  Black Drongo
  • Eurasian Golden Oriole
  • Grey Headed Starling
  • Greater Coucal
  • House Sparrow Male and Female
  • Malabar Parakeet
  • Indian Roller
  • Malabar Grey Hornbill
  • The Great Indian Hornbill
  • Malabar Pied Hornbill
  • Scarlet Minivet
Please click here for ALBUM LINK : 
Dandeli Hornbills and Birds World
 Near the  KSRTC bus stand and opposite to Forest Depatment office there is a place called Government Timber Depot and Saw Mills an 100 acre land with  tall trees, Bushes, Fruit trees made heaven for number of Birds along with Big sister Hornbills. 
(c) Ramesha JS


  1. Nice post Ramesh..Keep it up all the best.
    Satya G N

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  3. very useful. i am a travelbug, and i will visit the place. thank u ramesh.

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