Posted by: Ramesha JS | July 3, 2011

Bannerghatta – Suvarnamukhi Bird walk June2011

I know its too late to pen this report. Past two weeks busy schedule keep me away. Well this is another concur inside the Bannerghatta forest and its always welcome the nature lovers irrespective of seasons.  Thats the reason Bannerghatta always challanges to discover the nature treasure.

Forecast of rainy weather truned slowly a sunny weather and birders were on time near the Bannerghatta – Kaggalipura road first lake. Its again a monthly meet with regular birders who beacame friends now and thanks to FB which intracts every day via web media.

Parked the vehicles on the lake bed and slowly started walking on the Kaggalipura Road. This is my second expedition on this stretch. We have earlier visited during the HSBC bird race.  The birds were found plenty on this road. We need to open our eyes and ears wide to see them. Lots of vehicle movement in this forest stretch causes disturbance and add pollution.  Till the time we reached the first forest gate had observed many birds. 

As the time keep mooving fast I decided to move on with all till the trail end.  At the Bhootna Halli small lake we were able to spot the Baya weaver bird nests and plenty of Baya birds busy in buidlig the nests. They flew away and b ring the nesting material in there beak, started weaving the nests and repeatedly do the same. Its a wonder these small birds give so much impartence to there houses and build perfectly and looks vey lovely. Lake was full with lilly flowers and local boys pluck them and sell on the road side.  No other way some way they need to earn.

Tea shop next to temple was ready to serve the hot tea with biscuts.

At this point Jayaram told we can reach the entrance gate through shortcut via Suvarnamukhi. From here onwards birders started walking inside the forest path after crossing the gate. On the small hill we observed at the other end, I think may be safari route.  Few Deers, Sambar, and a Gour were happly gracing. Camera lens was not that much reachable and coudnt get the good picture.

At Suvarnamukhi there is an ancient temple and this is the birth place of Suvarnamukhi river. Sri Ambha Bhavani and Bhavni Shankara temple is there.  On the  banks of Kalyani Hanuman statue is there and its belived to be very powerful.  Sunday mobile bhajji  shop was just started , we  told them to prepare the bhajji and  relaxed on  the rock. Empty bellys emptyed the hot hot bhajji in few minutes and our walk continued.

Here is the Birds list _ not mine !!.  All credit goes to Vaibhav Choudhary (hope  you dont mind Vaibhav)

  • Babbler, Yellow Billed
  • Babbler, Jungle
  • Barbet, White Cheeked
  • Bee eater, Green
  • Bulbul, Red-vented
  • Bulbul, Red-whiskered
  • Bushchat, Pied
  • Bushlark, Indian
  • Cormorant, Little
  • Cuckoo, Pied
  • Crow, Jungle
  • Crow, House
  • Dove, Laughing
  • Drongo, Black
  • Green Bee-Eater
  • Indian Robin
  • Iora, Common
  • Kite, Black
  • Kite, black Shouldered
  • Kingfisher, White-Throated
  • Kingfisher, Blue
  • Koel, Asian
  • Lapwing, Red-wattled
  • Munia, Black Headed
  • Myna, Jungle
  • Myna, Common
  • Oriental white eye
  • Owlet, Spotted
  • Prinia, Ashy
  • Prinia, Plain
  • Parakeet, Rose ringed
  • Sunbird,Purple Rumped
  • Swallow, Red Rumped
  • Treepie, Indian
  • Woodshrike, Ashy

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Bannerghatta – Suvarnamukhi Bird walk June2011

From Suvarnamukhi  road leads to Champaka Dhama Swmay temple on the hillock.  On the way we saw the baby babler sitting alone in bush.  Later we took the devation where  the elephant area waring board found. At the end of the road forest gaurd room found abonded and the gate closed.  Exit via side gate and bird trails ends. Waiting for next  month another expedition. Thanks for Subir Geetanjali for organising 3rd Sunday trails around Bannerghatta evry month.

(c) Ramesha JS


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