Posted by: Ramesha JS | March 25, 2011

March2011 3rd Sunday Bird watch HULIMANGALA

Bangalore the concrete jungle has an exception of having beautiful villages around and within city. Sad thing is we can see the construction of huge apartments swallowing the agricultural lands, Lakes.  In between this development few villages still exist and in pathetic condition of not being to city or village. All these development has affected only to nature and its dependents Birds and Animals. As human tendency to adjust to all but not to these creatures.  Saving and preserving is an hour of need of all citizens.

Last Sunday, our regular and popular 3rd Sunday birding around the Bannerghatta  with BNG birders group.  This month it was HULIMANGALA VILLAGE.  The villages on the Begur – Koppa Road are in amidst concrete jungle and still have a beauty. For birders they didn’t disappoint.  Let’s all together preserve this or another lake will be vanishing soon.

Early morning I was all get set for birding; my brother called and told he will join.  Journey started 30mins delay. I had downloaded the Google road map to reach the Hulimangala village. If you see in Google map the whole area is occupied by big concrete buildings, all IT companies and some where a dot these villages.  After taking left turn in Bannerghatta village towards Kamannahalli my eyes started searching while driving. It didn’t disappoint. First bird on the way found Greater Coucal on the compound. Further a White-throated Kingfisher and Pied Bush chat on electric wire.  With the help of Google map I had reached almost 95%,  Instead of taking left passed further and stopped at the cross road. Some one guided to go back and take the right turn.  Roads are newly laid, probably an eye wash as road helps a lot for construction vehicles plying from city till Anekal.

At last we reached the Govt, Primary school HMGLA.  By this time our fellow birders are in full swing watching and observing the bird calls near Eucalyptus and Mango tree area. After this we went to lake area and the real bird hunt was started.  Quite a normal size lake polluted low level water and full of weeds. People were having bath and even they are bathing the sheep’s also.  We had sighted the Pied Cuckoo which is a winter migrant, sitting inside the weeds and partial visible. All wants to know which bird its. As only part of the body and tail were visible. Later some time it decided to give pose to all and sat for few minutes on a small branch on the open area.  Next turn was Pied King fisher which was hovering in the sky watching the fish movement and had a single dive and catch the fish.

Click here to see the  Snaps on Picassa

March2011 3rd Sunday Bird Watch – HULIMANGALA


I was planned to attend the World Sparrow Day function at Wipro, suddenly I changed my mind to extend my bird watch with long drive.


Took the Koppa Gate road and stopped for break at Nandanavana Layout.  Further down the lane crossing the layouts hit the Jigani – Harohalli Road.   The road along the Bannerghatta forest border is enjoyable.  And birding didn’t disappoint us on this stretch of 30 + Kms.  On the Jaipura doddi forest entrance found fire along the stream. Not sure weather its human or accident.  Without caring the flames Black drongo’s happily chatting on the branches.

Further down  found the Oriental Magpie Robin, laughing dove, Green Bee eaters, Bush chat, sun birds, Paddy Field pipit, Indian roller our state bird, Barn Swallows, parakeets, Indian Pond heron, Mynas. Black-shouldered Kite, Black kite, Brahminy kites.

At Tattekere we went inside the forest towards the lake. We were afraid as no one was there and the area porn to elephants.  Inside the jungle there is Kanive Mahadeshwara Temple.  After seeing the people there got little relief.  We were welcomed by group of monkeys near lake.  Couldn’t find birds in that afternoon and lonely cormorant sitting in island.  By this time the beat forest guard objected for taking the photographs. I told him we are bird watchers.   A nice place inside the forest and one of the main water hole for Bannerghatta range elephants.

Time was running fast and it’s already past 12. Decided to reach Harohalli and return to Bangalore.  On the road side I observed the Indian Roller sitting on electric cable. Stopped and started clicking, it flew away. I saw it went and sat on a bald coconut tree. When observed that tree there were many holes.  Parked vehicle side by and entered the coconut farm and observed.  Indian roller came back with prey in its beak, went inside, popped its head and flew away. At that time from the second hole a Rose ringed parakeet popped its head. This tree looked liked an apartment, Top hole occupied by Indian Roller and Second by Rose Ringed Parakeet and third unknown or vacant!

From Harohalli to Bangalore we can see few lakes, Kaggala Halli, Lake, and Somanahalli Lake, few others village names not noted. On the Kanakapura road again on a mango tree observed a parakeet went inside the hole. Waited for some time to come out.  How these birds go inside these small holes. There flexibility is really amazing.

As all the Sunday outing this week also it’s worth visit and a weekend relax with long drive which I love always.



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