Posted by: Ramesha JS | September 14, 2011

Avenue Road Street Photography” September 4th 2011.

Wide Angle: The Academy of Excellence in Photography: First Bangalore Expedition

 The first expedition of the Bangalore chapter – Wide Angle was planned and executed by Keshav and the subject was   ‘Avenue Road Street Photography’ . We  got a very good response on Face Book. 75 confirmed the participation and finally 25 turned up.

We are the photgraphy enthusiastic friends formed a group called ‘WIDE ANGLE’ in Face book. Leading by seniors and most experienced photographers in all subjects . Please join and learn together.


For me it’s a first kind of photo expedition in street.  I enjoyed a lot and different new experience, new friends.  By 7 am all gathered and introduced themselves. Deepak, Vijay who had experience in Street Photography given the hints, do’s and don’ts. Keshav lead the team.  Quickly after the start all became friendly started exchanging the information, getting know the new features in there camera, sharing the picture details…wow that’s great kick start.

 So many subjects, portraits, stills, action, religion procession, mass prayer, stint smell of garbage, pot hole roads, People opening there shops, shuttered shops, Hot dosa, Hot tea / coffee, lazy dogs, paper boys, flower vendors, Book seller, Vegetable vendor, people reading the news paper …no end.



 This walk we met a unique elderly person who was selling news paper. A bunch of papers and a cigarette in one hand. Deeply once taking the puff and closing his eyes thinking deeply.  Few of us interacted with him and came to know his name is Hari Bhat    aged 81 and an retired civil engineer who was involved in the construction of Nagarjuna Sagar Dam. Basically from Kerala and settled here. He spokes seven languages fluently and we have to learn a lot by seeing them. (Inputs from WA members)

 As for Avenue road concerned its one of the very very oldest road inBangalore. Today many of its old heritage buildings are face shifted but still we can found old temples. Buildings and markets.  The road starts from Krishna Rajendra Market popularly known as KR Market till Mysore Bank theKG Road. The early morning will be heavily crowded till 7.30 with flower vendors on the road. Vegetable, fruit vendors inside the market. Cross, jump, push them all and enter the avenue road. On the road side u can see the fruit and other small floating vendors, Cloth merchants, so on. Till the first circle either road side you can find stationary shops, jewelry shops and few grain shops and Raja Market. Next starts cloth retail and wholesale shops. Next Further till the end of KG road book stalls. Big book distributors, small shops and road side footpath sellers can be found. You can see many of these tiny shops are second hand book sellers; they both buy from you and sell. Any course, college, entrance exam, competitive exams, Govt exams no end at all. All books are available.

 The Avenue road is fully busy all the 365 days. Festival season it will be colorful. Shopping in this road fits to every one pocket. Such a busy busty road visit before 8am it’s a different world. Wide anglers wandered   all the corners and took exceptional live life of early morning. Here is my few cents.

 Click here for Picasa web album Link.


AVENUE ROAD photo shoot

(c) Ramesha JS



  1. Excellent Ramesh!

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