Posted by: Ramesha JS | June 22, 2010

Third Sunday Nature Trial @ Kalkere_Bannerghatta Forest

This is my second turn with BNG Birds Friends.  I wait for every third Sunday outing programme and failed to turn for  many reasons. Called Mahesh and confirmed the place of meet.  @ 6.30 I was the  lone person at the Kalkere    Junction.  When the time past people started moving in. By 7.20  it was almost a 30 member group  ready for birding (Correect me if i am wrong) . Its very happy to see  childrens with the parents shown very intresting in seeing the birds. They walk along the elders, knowing the nature, birds, Butterfly ……….


This time we had Sri. S Karthikeyan, Chief Naturalist , Jungle Lodges and Resorts.  Its a good learning session for me on Macros.  Hope to learn more from him in comming days.  Few members went ahead for birding and rest stood behind Kartik.  Its an wonderful experiance to see the smallest insect as gaint through his lens.   Sir profile can be seen on

 As I am novoice in identifying Birds, rest will follow by few  snaps taken during the Outing…..


All comments are welcome……………

—(c) Ramesha JS


  1. Temple of Sri Ranganatha is very nice

  2. Ramesh its time for DSLR.. think about it. you have a very good set up in Bangalore, nice photo tour programmers.. well done keep it up!!!

  3. Hope you had a good time in birding and lots of learning. A crisp writeup with some nice photos. Keep learning and sharing more.. :)

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