Posted by: Ramesha JS | November 11, 2009

Bheemana Kuppe Kere an Bird watch Trial

I came to know about this place from our BNG Birds group. With the available info , early morning by 5.30 started our journy. It was raining and no where it was about to stop. Before reaching the RV college of engineering I was half wet. Weather was too cold and tempting to go ahead. I was aware till Kommaghatta Village used to go frequently that side.

Our First stop at Kommaghatta village lake. Now water was draining for the renovation. There were many numbers of Little Egrets found busy catching the fish.



Spent few minutes here and continued to search the Bheemanakuppe kere. After crossing the Kommaghatta village around 2 kms in front of a farm found many parrots and Birds. But the farm gate was locked and there was no space to enter at all.


After this we took left turn deviation till Anchepalya village and inside cross the BettanaPalya and further few kilometers we were in front of the Lake.


It is very big tank and used for irrigation. We found many birds sitting on the electric cable, inside the bushes, and few roaming on the grass land.


As I am no voice on these birds just enjoyed seeing them and wherever possible photographed. The surrounding is fully greenery. At this time rain has taken break and sun shined little. Just roamed on the kere ere and further down on a tree many weaver bird nests found.


But couldn’t find a single weaver bird coming to nest. Waited for long and went walking on the irrigation tank bund down the lake till the end of paddy fields in search of birds. On the return path I found a Blue King Fisher lazily sitting on the water bed.


It was already 9.30am and started from there. At the cross road we took right turn which they told will connect to Mysore road.


Route Map:

For an enjoyable Rural village atmosphere with manageable Road:

Mysore Road —-after RV College take right cross the railway track reach Kengeri Satilate Town–on the main road take left, cross Kengeri railway Station further take right turn ie., Bande Mutt Road….cross Nice Road Bridge…..down the road Kommaghatta Lake and village…….travel 3kms on the same road on your left you will find a board “Padmashree Institution” take left here and cross the Sulekere village travel till Hosapalya Village. You will find a shop “Sai Ram Enterprise” and few small shops, take right turn (careful u may miss this road) road are not good. After crossing Bettanapalya village further 1 km you will reach Bheemana Kuppe Kere.

Good Road Urban Atmosphere:

On Mysore road from Kengeri 4th Km ..Cross Raja rajeshwari Medical College….Challaghatta village down on left Jagath Pharma….Take Right turn here. Board indicating road to Shiradi Saibaba Anandmaye Temple and Manjunatha Nagar will found. (See the Photo Below). Cross the railway track travel around 3 kms—cross Surabhi Public School to reach the Hosapalya Village. Here take left and follow the above said direction.


Bus no 230A from KR Market to Bettana Palya. (From B.P walkable distance to Bheemana Kuppe kere)

–Copyright (c) Ramesha JS


  1. Very Noce….I become a friend of you….!

  2. Madhu, thanks for correction,,,’
    -Ramesha jS

  3. Nice post. Have been there only once. Water appears to have increased in Bheemana Kuppe kere.

    By the way, the birds what you called “Cattle Egrets” are in fact “Little Egrets”. Look at the black beak and yellow foot.

  4. very cool! this is better directions. (mysore road) the names of the villages didn’t stick to my mind. this is certainly the easier direction than compared to the route through Kengeri satellite town. However, the route i take differs from yours… i don’t even pass kommaghatta, there is a left turn near the Kengeri club which takes you to Bettanapalya.
    But however, glad you reached the place ! :)

  5. Very nice post; great for anyone who wants directions and wants to know what to find there, too! Thank you.

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