Posted by: Ramesha JS | April 16, 2009

Kokkare Bellur, the”Village of Storks”

Last Sunday we had planned a day trip from Bangalore to Mysore. Being April month I doubt weather we can spot the birds in Bellur. But once we entered the village the visitors didn’t disappoint us.


Yes I am talking about the village called Kokkare Bellur world famous by knowing as “Village of Storks”. A small village on the banks of Simsha River housing these winged visitors from more than hundred years. The Man Birds relations one have to see here. On every house trees they build nests, give birth, train them and flew back to their native. Each person in this village take utmost care towards these birds. Mainly Painted Storks and endangered species Spotbilled Pelicans build nests. Its not a Bird Sanctuary but a real habitat along the human beings.


Enjoy the travelling giving entertainment to ur eyes seeing the wet greenery lands, along the lakes, paddy fields, Sugar cane, Coconut trees, Age old huts, Sheep’s, Cows, buffalo, birds, and much more which are all never seen in city.

Once we enter the village found a Storks on a tree road by. Just started towards the inside of the village to see only painted storks every where in the trees. We didn’t find any Pelicans, hardly 2 or 3 were roaming in backyard of a home. But Painted Storks found busy with their babies. All the trees filled with there families. They were busy in maintaining their nests by carrying twigs in their mouth and feeding their babies. Its amazing to see them freely moving in the village.

Managed to shoot some snaps of them, as we had many places to cover, bid adieu to them promising to visit again only to this village again in December 2009.

Where is this village
# On the Bangalore – Mysore Highway exactly 75th KM village called Rudrakshi Pura. There take the deviation towards left and proceed 13 kms to reach Kokkare Bellur. This is between Channapatna and Maddur which is hardly 6 kms from there. On the main road there is a big sign board hence you cant missout the place.


Travel Information.
From Bangalore buses plying towards Mysore getdown at Maddur. From there you will get local bus to reach here. There is no problem for buses to reach Maddur from Bangalore or Mysore. Or Passenger train Bangalore – Mysore available and getdown @ Maddur.

From here Mysore is another 75 kms, enroot to another famous bird Sanctuary ‘Rangana thittu’ near Srirangapatna on the banks of river Kaveri.

Food :

At Maddur or there are many good hotels on the highway. Better load your belly and go to Kokkare Bellur, taking food to village and never spoil the nature as well as village atmosphere. Don’t trouble the birds, just enjoy and come back.
For more snaps of Storks please click the link below.

Kokkare Bellur, the”Village of Storks”
-Ramesha JS

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  1. place { Kokkare Bellur} in Mandya District in Southern Karnataka.

    Distance …
    From Bangalore 88+ kms
    From Nearest Town Channapatna

    From Nearest Petrol Bunk Channapatna
    Nearest Medical Help same
    Nearest Hotel Channapatna/off Mysore road
    Season :
    seems to be october to march,but Pelicans and Storks have different seasons.

  2. Kokkarebellur is myt native place, any information about kokkarebellur please contact this number 9880339617

    Mobile:9880339617 on 19/10/2011

    Koddarebellur is myt native place, any information

  3. dear all,

    Now is the best time to visit to Kokkare bellur…..

    90% of the birds are come to the villege for breeding.. Now starts the prepare the nest…

    Further details please call me this is my cell no-9880317149

  4. I recently visited Kokkere Bellur. I suggest you visit after jan 15th. Read abt my trip there at:

  5. Kokkare bellur is my native place, If any information about kokkare bellur please Contact me . This is my Cell no…..9880317149

  6. Dear,
    Hello N0w the season starts……Spot billed Pelicans are arrived and doing nest But Painted strokes yet to come on middle of Jan-11. If more information please call me….

  7. this month is the end of the session, now few birds are there…not more

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  9. Good One..!

  10. Dear Ramesha,
    Thanks for your clear info on how to get there. The picture showing – where to take deviation really helped! :)

  11. Kokkarebellur is myt native place, any information about kokkarebellur please contact this number 9880317149

  12. Koddarebellur is myt native place, any information about kokkarebellur please contact this number 9880317149

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