Posted by: Ramesha JS | February 11, 2009

Backyard Birds in my village home

These  birds found in backyard of my village home during my recent visit.Whats your name ?  I never expected this much of birds are there behind my home. Of course I am visiting after a long gap with my new lens… It was a very short visit and took the shots with the available light and time. 

Many of these birds name I dont know. Readers pls. update the Birds name in comments……..

Wood Pecker









































  1. hmm….maybe i can help.
    from top to bottom, white-eye, hoopoe, common myna, house sparrow, myna again, white headed babler n red wiskered bulbul.
    cheers, happy birding.

  2. Hi Veera
    Thanks for the information on birds…and comment. Thank You

  3. nicely taken like a professional photographer

  4. the woodpeaker is very rare to make a shot, you are make it great, first sparow allso rare one nicely taken.sixth one mame is poonaikali,and seventh one is adaikalan guruvi.nice photos try to get some more closeup.

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