Posted by: Ramesha JS | October 17, 2008

Part – 3 : Sun Rise and Hidlumane Falls – Day2


Early morning we wanted to see the Sunrise. If we were in Kodachadri it’s a different. Last night only I enquired with Manjanna and told to go till the end of the hill. We woke up early morning and started climbing small uphill beside the resort; at a stage we hit the boundary line with small fencing.  If we cross then only we can reach the top. While crossing I had the sense of shock. Yes it’s an electrical fence to keep the animals away.  After jumping the fence there was a beautiful world. Tall trees, small flowers. Path full of grass covered with fog and mountains playing with mist. Now from behind that end of the hill sun came up with dazzling shine slowly and kisses the fog filled earth and she begin to shrink and vapors away all the morning beauty.


We came down to kitchen to warm up us with a sip of coffee. But milk man comes only after 8am. By this time the city soles those are adjusted to bed coffee started peeping at kitchen doorstep.  Ashok offered me a hot decoction and told to have a taste. Wow its look tasty without milk. Sure we can practice in emergency.  On another end of kitchen Timmanna was busy preparing the cup idly coverd with palauv leafs made us not to step out side until had the breakfast.  By this time Manjanna came fresh and energetic to lead another busy day.  He has to arrange the vehicles for people going around, look after the breakfast, cleanliness of kuteerams (tents), Assuring the new guests,  hundreds of things on his head. But still he is cool and calm welcomes all with smiling face.


We are assured by him that we will get arrange with some team for outing.  At last by 8.30am heard that Jeep is ready and to have the breakfast quickly. After the delicious breakfast , we are charged to visit HIDLUMANE FALLS.


We six of us, driver, guide ready for fire, Jeep throwing the red dust hit the muddy, stone road and proceeds on Kollur road for 3 kms and took left turn inside the forest to cover another 4 kms. From there along the zigzag stone road cross the stream and reached the single house dead end Hidlumane.


From there it is a trekking towards the falls. Passing through the greenery paddy fields, sugar canes, started on the path along the small stream with caution by guide that leaches are waiting to suck your bloods and he was ready to face the situation with hand full of salt. The joyness becomes doubtful after inch by inch moving further. We hit the small fall and taught its real, guide told real is further 4 kms upstream showing the further road which starts shrinking and need to move further with utter caution. Only you will have the support of trees branches,Roots,  hard stones to hold and climb further on the skidding wet path. By this time I was bite by leaches and pull them away. But blood was still oozing. 

                                                  Brother in Action ahed to falls…

At last putting back all these hurdles successfully saw the creativity of the nature. Amazing.  Hidlumane falls originates in Kodachadri hills and here it gush to hit the rocks below 70 -80 feet. The water is very chilled and it is just a stone throwing on you.  What ever the pain you have ill vanishes away to that force. Enjoyed the bath for some time but still not satisfied. We should thank the family who come along with us took the decision to climb up leaving there children down with guide.  By this time people started coming in. The effect is return path became horrible. I thought weather this is the path we climb.  It became so slippery that found very difficult to climb down. I fell at two or more places. At last reached the flat place where earlier we though it is the falls. There also we spend some time in water and by noon returned back.


Meals were ready to serve us. We were very much hungry.  Eat heavily and took a small walk to back water to say adieu.  The time came in the evening. After settling down heart fully thanked Manjanna for the memorable day in our life and assuring him we re visit again and again. Took the last bus 5pm to Shimoga and reached by 9.30pm. By 11pm boarded the Bangalore bus without any mood to return and continue the junk life in concrete forest.


-Ramesha JS

Travel Date : 9th and 10th October 2008


  1. Nice place!!

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