Posted by: Ramesha JS | October 16, 2008

Part 1-Sri Veerabhadra sahitha Gowrishankara temple- Isur – Danamavu Village-Siddapura tq. Karnataka

Sri Veerabhadra sahitha Gowrishankara temple- Isur – Danamav Village

The long weekend for Vijayadashami festival this time gave me an opportunity to visit beautiful places. Of course I am going to my native district. As we had some other purpose clubbed together and started our journey from Bangalore.  


 After an overnight journey early morning reached Sagar which is around 320 km from Bangalore. Being the main hub for tourist places in that small town few lodges are there and all are full and some how we managed to find inside the town a small lodge for stop gap (just refresh and forward). By 7 am we catch the bus to Siddapura another town in neighboring dist North Canara or Uttara Kannada surrounded by Sahyadri hills range. From there we had to go to a village called Isur Sri Veerabhadra Swami Temple.


 For the snaps please click the link below.

Isur Veerabhadra Temple-Siddapura-Uttara Kannada Dist

 It’s between 25 kms off Siddapura -Jog falls and Siddapura – Kumta road. At Siddapura bus stand came to know that next bus is after an hour and also after getting down we need to walk around 5 to 6 kms inside. We thought to enquiry an auto for up and down; luckily we came across a different person whom I thought a TC of bus stand. In that small sleepy town he was neatly well dressed looking decently and politely asked us where we want to go. Then he told he was very much familiar to that place and asked 400/- as roads are not good. We bargain for 350 and journey started on the broken village road, before venturing out he first took us to his home and offered Tea and snacks. This is a really surprised and shows another face of humanity of auto driver. As in cities usually without a word Auto travel will not end due to there behavior. By the end of journey by noon we didn’t think that we had gone in an auto. He was so friendly and didn’t make urgency or getting anger as I stopped him in-between at many places for the photo shoot of road side flowers etc. His name is Balanna. 

 After 1 ½ hr ride on the sleepy village, forgotten tar road reached the destination. This temple is on a small hillock with the backdrop of forests, hills a silent small stream called Soma nadhi and some 50-60 cement steps to temple. The temple is around 800 years old. Temple name is Sri Veerabhadra sahitha Gowrishakara temple and there is a separate sannidhi for Yageshwari, Ananthapadmanabha and Gowrishankara deities.


 Near the temple there are some veeragallu with different carved incidents on it. We are at the right time in the temple. Priest arrived after 15 minutes and started the abhishekam to lord Veerabhadra and decorated beautifully. After the archane, pooja took the prasadam and left for another village for personal work. By noon returned to Siddapura and left to Sagar to continue our journey into another beautiful world in my native district.-Continued in Part 2






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