Posted by: Ramesha JS | September 30, 2008

CPC’ians Photo Shoot at Tada Falls

We the CPC’ians had a gala day on the week end. Photo shoot planned at Tada Falls or the UBBALAMADUGU FALLS or Kone Falls. All the souls are charged fully and assembled in front of CMBT bus stand. By 5.30am One Jeep, two cars are ready for fire. Well you will be confused who are these CPC’ians? Let me tell in few words.

CHENNAI PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB shortly CPC, @ Yahoo Group’s was founded three years ago by Shiva Kumar a multi personality, young guy, Consultant in an IT company by profession and passion with Different skills. With Multiple persons supporting his hands today CPC has grown big. It’s a mix of all kinds and functions of people. From past One year CPCians are visited Gingi fort, Tiruvannamalai, Kanchipuram, Mahabalipuram, Vedanthangal, Dakshina chitra, etc., and conducted regular meetings, sessions. We had a great meet point at Wood Land’s hotel on Cathedral Road, which is history now. CPC’ians actions are freeze at a Multi author’s blog. And  join us at

Well come to the point , this Tada trip was energized every one because after quite gap the long trip arranged. Grouping together the IT guys is quit difficult. Each having their own issues. In CPC we are having the people from HCL, Wipro, Sathyam, Cognizant, Ramco Systems even far from Cuddalore the MRF guys. The real thrilling started after we reached the Tada junction. As the sun has come up with shining informed us I will be bright today. Shiva’s Explorer Mahendra Classic gets ready for roaring. We removed the outer skeleton of the Jeep and made it open. There is a very big story about this Jeep, Brought as a scrap and spent around Three Lakhs to today’s condition, takes you where ever you go. Thrilling actions and birth of his Jeep can be seen @

Mahendra classic hit the road on the whooping speed touching 85-90 km on Speedo meter, sitting next to him I was holding my breath in hand. We had taken the real action when we saw mud water on road all the photographers on action; Mahendra splashed the reddish water in such a force that we couldn’t find the vehicle for a while.

Next action point is climbing the boulder road from road its about 20 feet deep gorge some construction activity going on that site. It’s just a big V climb people on the road side, near by all shocked to see the jeep going off the road and entering the deep tunnel and climbing up, below that’s a muddy with boulders, imagine you will see these action in film only. Sitting with him and having this experience imagine the sensation. The center stage of this real action is on return path clutch bolt and nut fell off due to the thunder with boulder below. If any one in Shiva’s place would be crying. Jeep standing on the other side of the road, in front 20feet deep gap jeep clutch out of order. Thriller Shiva just started the vehicle without any control on clutch, break brought back to the road. That’s the caliber of this jeep.

By 9.30 am we are at the base of the Tada forest. At the parking lot jeep went for a small surgery and our photographer became Mechanical Shiva. The team left him and other two and started the adventure towards the falls. After crossing the zig zag forest road, passed several streams suddenly we hit like a dead end, at this time we have stored lot of shots in camera Next level is up hill climbing, carefully stepping forward on the sharp and slippery rocks, stretching the entire body for aerobics at some level in-between main thing to safegarurd our cameras from hitting to rocks. On the while we took lot of Land scape and Macro shots, learnt from the seniors, we are having two giants in our CPC, Cannon-Prabhakar and Nikon-Sukumar experts in photography. At last all these climbing, jumping, falling all assembled on a rock for while and in meantime Shiva rectified the Jeep problem and joined us as a photographer. .

Next level ofthe climb is little bit tedious task and an uphill task. For trekkers its ok, but we the shooters?? Still we are not far behind any one we too climbed the  hill and finally reach the dead point the falls. It was really a false only. The water was not so force as expected. It was falling from a small cave and one person can sit and Enjoy at a time.

Had a great fun in water, had our packed foods, taken the wastes in a plastic cover till the down hills and disposed properly. While climbing down only found legs are ready for singing. A very happy thrilling Dawn to Dusk – Photography and Jeep-aerography ended with the good note and minds are already started planning for next shoot out.


From Chennai  Tada is around 95 Kms towards North.  From the CMBT go straight till the Puzal junction (Big Flyover junction) and take left go straight till you cross Gumdipondi and then Tada junction. There take the service road dont climb the flyover,  at this junction on left   which is Tada – Sri Kalahasthi road, further  around 10-12 kms. reach the village called Varadaiahpalem, then take left, you have to ask locals as there is no sign board to show the route. Tada falls is just 12km you will reach forest check post next to canal of Krishna River. From Chennai route no 114 goes till Varadaiahpalem. I didnt see any bus towards falls. Better to have your own transport.


  1. And also I forgot to tell you something. Try visiting Sadhuragiri.

  2. Dear Ramesh, I would be glad to join your club as a CPC trainee. I use only camera mobile, but I focus on nature and railway related writeups. You had great fun at Tada I guess. Nice to hear. Keep in touch mate.

    -Krishna Kumar.S

  3. From: prabhakaran sambandam []
    Sent: Wednesday, October 01, 2008 5:52 PM
    To: Ramesha Jambursurappa (Associate)
    Subject: Re: Your photos taken at Tada

    FANTASTIC SHOTS RAMESH… (AS USUAL)… by the way can you send my pic ( in high resolution) file… its really nice in action!!!!

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