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Avaniapuram Lakshmi Narasimha Temple

Travel Date: 15.06.2008

 We have visited the “Nava Narasimha Kshetra” at Thiru Avaniya Puram yesterday. It is hillock temple with beautiful village atmosphere surrounded with greenery paddy fields. Located enroute Vandavasi to Arani Road on 26th KM in Thiruvannamalai Dist, Tamil Nadu.

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 As the bus no 148 from Chennai to Polur goes directly to temple entrance coot road, we traveled via Kanchipuram, Cheyar. Actually this is the shortest route if traveling by own vehicle. But by Bus it strains a  lot. Boarded the route no 79 at Tambram at 6.15 Am towards Kanchipuram, 1 ½ hr journey and reached by 7.30 Am. From Kanchi by 8.30 or 8.45 bus Renukambal which goes to Padavedu via Cheyar (ThiruvethiPuram) can get down at Avaniyapuram Entrance. As the time is there having the breakfast reached Cheyar by another bus by 9.15 am, by 9.45 am got the bus and get down at “Valebandh koot Road” by 10.30am. This is the junction of Vandavasi-Arani main road. The 25th KM from Vandavasi. From there temple is 1 km next stop on 26th Km. towards Arani.  By getting the next bust at junction reached temple entrance arch by 10.50am.  On the right side there is a big Temple arch and need to walk further 2 km to reach the temple enjoying the paddy fields on the both side of the road with cool breeze.

Previous day I couldn’t contact Bhattarakar Sri Mukundachar by phone; it was attended by temple person and got the further details to reach the temple. As on being Saturday   at 10.30 pm also he was in temple. Later told temple was opened till 3 am on Sunday as Saturdays’ there will be heavy rush and the queue will be till the entrance Arch.!!

 The temple is on a small hillock, very beautifully maintained and the steps are painted with colorful painting and the either side of the walls are enmarked with Narayana tiru Namam in blue background color adds more beauty. Steps can be easily climbed by even older persons also.

This is a two tire temple on the first entrance where moolavar is housed along with Thayar. Lord Narashima is in a sitting posture, Mahalakshmi Thayar seated on his left thigh. His left arm is around his consort and his right hand is in abhaya hastha position. His upper hands are holding the chakra and conch. Here Lord has no face and Thayar having the Lion Face. The Uthsava moorthy of lord Narashimhar had a face of lion. He has four hands and is in standing position flanked on either side by Sri Devi and Bhoodevi. On the Right side of the prakaram Pancha Narashimar separately in a row. Garudan in a Separate Sannidi. When we entered   Periya Aaradhakar was in temple. Performed the archana to the lord and Thayar, Uthsava moorthies, had the Aarathi. When asked about the top temple it is locked and his son has to come. Due to the age perya bhattarakar cannot take to the top temple.  By this time current has gone and told it will back by another 1 hr. Upon our request he lit the karpuram light and showed the “Pancha Narashimar” enclave. As there is no separate significance and name for the 5 lords here. They are housed in a row along with Adhi shesha and Kalinga Nardana Krishna.

 At this time Sri Mukundachar found climbing the temple and I introduced myself and told that I had called yesterday. Then only I came to know that on Saturdays’ there is bee line to the temple.  After climbing approx 100+ steps there is an another beautiful temple.  It’s Lord Venkateswara a Swayambhu moorthy standing armed with chakra and conch.  After the Aarathi other devotes spread out and I and my spouse were there with him. They asked weather we had visited the temple before. We said no. He explained the temple festival and programs.   During the Sarvadhari Samvathsaram AANI month 9th day is the day THAYAR got the LION face and it is celebrated once in ……………..60 Years in Sarvadhari Samvathsaram.

Upon request he has opened the door behind the Srinivasa Perumal temple, where in a separate sannidhies in a cave- Lord Ranganatha with his Consort Ranganayaki on his Serpentine bed, Sri Perundevi Sametha Sri Varadaraja Perumal, Sri Yoga Narashimhar.  Lord is said to have obliged Brigu Maharishi by appearing before him in the form of five Divya desa deities.

This can be said like a cave temple because on the top the outer prakaram while coming round there are few steps looks like Singaperumal temple.  From top of the temple downside   with full of greenery gives a majestic view of the whole area,

 About the temple:

 AVANI means LION in Sanskrit and hence the name AVANIYA PURAM to this place, originally this sacred place called as ‘AVANI NARAYANA PURAM” and during the days it became Avaniyapuram.

During the time of Thretha Yuga Lord Brahma was doing the yaga and at that time from the yaga’s fire Lord Narasimha has appeared in front of him. Due to the heat lord doesn’t had the face when he come up. Seeing this Mahalakshmi Thayar told to Narasimhar that how you will give darshan to bhaktas without face hence please grant me your face to me. Pleased by the Thayar lord gives his face and hence in this Kshetra Thayar with lion face giving darshan to all and this day is celebrated once in 60 Years of Sarvadhari Samvathsarm Aani Month 9th day.  Only on this day 4 types of nevedhya prasadam will be offered to lords of this hill temple.

  • For Mahalakshmi Thayar -> Sakkarai Pongal
  • For Narashimhar  -> Puliyogarai
  • For Srinivasa Perumal -> Tair sadam
  • For Yoga Narashimhar -> Ven Pongal

 By visiting this kshetram itself one can get the benefit of

  • Kalyana Prapthi
  • Putra Sowbhagyam
  • Runa Vimochanam
  • Vyaparam

Travel Information:

  1. Route no 148 CHENNAI to POLUR directly goes to temple. Stop Avaniyapuram koot Road. 2 km from arch walk to temple. Or From Chennai Route no 104 Chennai – Vandavasi and from Vandavasi to Arani road 26th Km.
  2. Chennai – Kanchipuram – Cheyar – Valebandh koot Road – Avaniyapuram coot Road.
  3. Route no 59 from Cheyar and 241 from Kanchipuram along with Private travelers Renukambal and Rangaswami Buses.

 Contact: Bhattarakar – Sri Mukundachar – 9486046206

 Temple Timings: 6 am to 12pm & 4 pm to 8 pm. (extends on Saturday depends on the people)

Thanks for the details provided by Sri Mukundachar.

~~~~~~~~~om namo narayanaya namaha~~~~~~~~~~~

 © Ramesha JS


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  2. Dear Ramesh

    Thank you and one more information for your’s, sri lakshmi narasimhar temple in chennai ramapuram ( noted ) and please see the blogs link tourist places in India and Temples in India besst pilgrimage places Temple in India

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  7. Dear mr.Ramesh,

    Thanks for your brief information about LAKSHMI NARSHIMASWAMY temple willbe cituated at AVANIAPURAM. My mother take with me this temple at my age of 16 tears. that day was very happily coming near my mind and eyes. The lot of monkeys are disturbing for coconut and mother try to save the things.but the monkeys only won the battle. My bigfather native is very near of ANMARUDAI.Now i was aged 39.last year i was visited this temple and every thing changed.beautiful paddy fields on the two side of the road.I really enjoyed with my family members also.

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  11. dr ramesh please send the photograph of the temple n statue of shri narasmiha on of avanipuram

  12. Hello Sir,
    Can you pass on the contact details for the Avaniyapuram Temple as the number posted by you seems to be switched off?

  13. That’s a nice writeup. I would be glad to visit the place. I liked the way you described the temple and the Lord.

  14. Actually i belong to a village near Avaniyapuram. We are blessed to do the service of the lord for several years. My grandfather is the mudrakartha of the temple. It was pleasant surprise and I was amazed to see a post on our temple as it is not well known. We visit our temple during narashimajayanthi &panguniuthiram for a thirumanjanam(abhishekam).In chitirai month bhromastavam also takes place.Before 15 yrs the architecture of the temple was in a ruined condition with the efforts of the village people & with the grace of the divine it regained its past glory. Thanks for writing the post and it is no doubt a noble service. Please reply to my email id for further contacts.

  15. Hi Ramesh,
    Can you pls mark this temple in Winkimapia so that it will be useful for people find the geographical location. With all your details, I tried to locate the temple but could not. If possible pls inform me as well after marking out.

  16. Dear SrI Ramesh :
    Thaks very much for sharing this valuable
    information . When you mention that PerumAL
    has no face , what do you mean . It is rare indeed
    to see ThAyAr with the face of a Lioness .
    NamO SrI NrusimhAya ,

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