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Date of Travel : 14.04.2K8 Continued from previous post

 From Uthiramerur I left for Shiva temples by 12 pm. These sets of temples are on the way to UTHIRAMERUR to KANCHIPURAM regular bus services available and the route no is 34. Frequency approx.30 Min. Some private buses also ply towards Kanchi. I got the bus by 12-05 and reached Thirupulivanam by 12.20. But temple was closed. The person sleeping there had no idea about the priest residence. I feel very sad, but it was noon o other way. A beautiful calm and peaceful location. Totally pin drop silence. Took some snaps and left by 12.30pm. To my luck and gods grace it made me to visit back to Thirupulivanam from Kadambar koil with another troop of devotees by 2.35pm and stayed back till 3.35 Pm.


 Click above to have a look of all the three temples photos-Ramesh

THIRUPULIVANAM has an ancient almost 1000 year old Vyakrapureeswarar temple. Built by Pallava King Nandivarman. Priest has explained about the temple patently. In front of sanctum sanctorum there is a big pit (Surangam) which leads to another end at Uthiramerur Sundaravaradaraja Temple. He has put the camphor inside the pit and showed. There is a unique Dakshinamurthy statue here which exists very few in INDIA. i.e., Dakshninamurthy as Arthanareshwar. Sivanandeswarar Temple in Thiurpanthurai, Tanjaore having one. Outside prakaram there is separate Sannidi for Thayar and Shiva lingam told as a Samadhi of Munivar. When I saw the temple from the outside it looks like any normal temple but inside temple its amazing, to reach Sannidi u need to climb 7 steps crossing two prakaram which having the Mandapams, pillars, Idols etc.. Out side there is Mandapam which actually having the Wheels on either side (see the photo) today it is totally abandoned, full of plants covering most of the mandapam. A beautiful temple in a totally neglected state, inside the temple became home of BAT and the smell is not tolerable. An emergency care is urgently required for this ancient temple. Contact priest before going to Temple : Name – Sri Gunashekar – 27272336


KADAMBAR KOIL: From Thirupulivanam I got Bus (Route 34) by 1 pm and reached KK by 1-10 Pm. actually stop name is Vengachery get down there and on the left side one road leads to Kadambar Koil along the banks of Cheyar. It’s around 1 Km. A beautiful location along the both side thick trees have been planted and looks like a reserve forest. After crossing few houses at the dead end take right and u are in front of a beautiful ancient SHIVA temple. Lord Shiva here as Kadambanathar. More details on temples visit website

Being afternoon Temple was closed and just went round the temple and taken the snaps. There is no single drop of water in Cheyar River. Only below the bridge on main road some water is there to claim I am river. By 1.50 pm left for another important temple one of the 275 shivastalams ((Thevara Padal Petra sthalam), on the opposite bank of river. Contact priest before going to Temple : Name – Sri Kannan : 9444042642.


MAAGARAL: Its just 5 min drive to Maagaral from KK. From Vengachery Bus stop we can see the gopuram of the temple, Next Stop (in between EB stop is there and normally they wont stop) I got the bus (Route 34) by 1.50 pm and reached by 1.52pm. Temple is just walkable distance. Went along the temple side and at that time few devotees in a van also reached there and brought the priest nearby. On the entering the temple either side of the gate lord Nandikeshwara welcomes you. After passing through the ashoka trees I was inside the temple. Washed the legs inside the temple tank which is called Agnithreetam which is there in very few temples. After having the lords and goddesses darshan. Here lords lingam looks line thin knife (more details on stala puranam visit Raju’s site) Went around the prakaram you can see Siddhivinayagar, Dakshinamurthy and other deities. This temple is very well maintained. Priest is very cooperative with devotees and being in that afternoon obeyed to open the temple, explained the history of temple and more over when he asked others has they have visited Thirupulivanam temple, I told temple is closed. He immediately called the Thirupulivanam priest and told that we are coming. Gods grace on me they offered to join with them to Thirupulivanam.


Below is the reference by

Location: Tirumaagaral (Tondai Naadu)

Festivals: The annual festival is held in the month of Pisces in the month of Aquarius.

Shiva: Maakaraleeswarar, Agasteeswarar

Ambal: Tribhuvaneswari

Theertham: Agni Theertham

Patikam: Sambandar

Annual Festival: Maasi (Feb-Mar)

Description: This Shivastalam is located at a distance of about 10 miles south of Kanchipuram in Tondai Naadu, enroute to Uttiramerur, and there are are several features of interest here. Magaral lies on the Northern banks of the Cheyyar river. Across the river is the Kadambarkoyil temple. This is the 7th of the 32 Tevara Stalams in the Tondai region of South India.

Legends: Shiva is said to have manifested himself as a giant golden lizard to Rajendra Cholan here and in another legend, an Udumbu (giant lizard) is said to have worshipped Shiva in an ant hill. Indra is said to have worshipped Shiva here.

The Temple: This beautiful temple is located in pleasant surroundings in a small village. A gajaprashta Vimanam crowns the sanctum as in most others in this area (Tondai Nadu). The Rajagopuram is visible from a distance as one approaches this village. Sambandar is said to have visited this shrine after composing a Patikam at Cheyyar. Tirumaakaral was a prominent place during the Chola period. The present structure is attributed to the period of Kulottunga Chola II (1133-1150) of the later Cholas. Inscriptions speaking of his grants to the temple are seen here. Also seen here, are inscriptions from the period of Rajaraja II and Rajaraja III, and the later Pandyas. In its recent renovation, much of the older features of this temple have been lost.


Left Maagaral by 2.20pm and reached Thirupulivanam at 2.35pm. By 3.35pm catch the bus (Route34) to Kanchi and reached KANCHI at 4.15 pm.

Note: From Maagaral there is route going to Ilayanar Velur which houses Lord Muruga on a hillock. And further road to Palaya seevaram via Thirumukkodal. But there is no direct bus. Locals told till Ilayanar Vellore bus available (very rare) and from there any van or auto to be catched. If traveling by bus better reach Kanchi and proceed further to Chennai.


Photos and Write-up © Ramesha JS-Chennai







  1. will like to know about all temples

  2. very useful info
    felt the need to go to these places
    keep posed and inform
    god bless

  3. nice village. visit again to magaral.

  4. dear ramesh

    nice reading

    you plotted the story well

    a small correction

    the temple was built by cholas not by pallavas as stated by you

    for your info today the village celebrating “THE MAHA KUMBABISHEGAM ” TO VIYAGRAPURISVARAR.

  5. Hi,

    Sorry it is on 23/05/2010 Sunday.

  6. Hi,

    The Thirupulivanam temple has been renovated and the Kumbabishekam (Kuda Mulukhu) is going to be held on 22/05/2010.

  7. we went to these temples and had darshan. The priests were patient enough to explain the thala puranam and also kind and courteous. I was really impressed. The phone number of the priest in Thirupulivanam is changed. The new number is Sri Gunasekar 9445221236, landline 04427297812. If possible pls take some dry grapes when you go to this Thirupulivanam temple and give it to priest who in turn will distribute them to devotees visiting the temple.

  8. Thank you very much for the details. We are planning to visit these temple soon. Thanks especially for the contact numbers of the priests.

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